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I have one big problem with my electric window on the driver side.

Yes, i know that there is alot of threads out there with the same problem but i've tryed almost everything ..

The window on the driverside had no problem going down, but never up. Not a singel itch of working when i pressed the button.

Everytime i had to go over on the passagerside, put the key and turn and hold .. and whips the window went up.

Almost 2 years had passed and i told my self, now i need to get this thing fixed.

Ended up with the motor gave up and went to heaven ..

Well well, a new electric motor and 275£ less money on the account i finally would get this thing working ..

But with my luck, of course i would have the same problem! What now?

Drove to VW dealer and orderd a new button .. 2 days later the time was in .. i replace the old button with a new one

and pressed the button .. the windows went down, no problem. Pressed so it would go up, nothing.

The window went down again .. tested the new button for the passager side, no problem. Up and down .. perfect.

But the driverside only goes down .. dosent matter if i press up or down ..

I haven't checked the electric yet ..

Anyone who has a clue whats the problem?

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Did you replace the regulator or just the motor?

I replaced it all. Regulator with an new motor, oem.

The window goes down but not up. But if i turn the key And hold i lockingposition on the passagerside, the window goes up.

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i think i would be looking at a wiring fault on this one, there are many in the door, remember its a vw good luck geoff, sophie's father and mentor

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failing that if its not the wires try the convenience module under the dash where all the electric windows / central locking wires go

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[quote name=Lupo madness :)' timestamp='1357473484' post='1081566]

mine was the actual window switches on the drivers side, I got 2 from a 6n2 at scrapyard now works perfect

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I still have the problem ... But now I'm at the shop trying to fix the window, but one problem. Where is the window regulator located? As i mention erlier i have replaced the whole electric window motor and bought a new button on VW but it still just goes down but not up. But if i turn the key to lockmode on the passagerside and hold the driver window goes up, hmm.

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Hi all, just bought a 1999 lupo the other day, among a few things wrong with it i have the drivers side switches not working at all no clicking or anything passenger side switch on passenger door works but drivers side nothing, anyone know wether it is something as simple as both switches have gone or something worse like we have seen above? Cheers guys

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