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I've just upgraded my door speakers today. A bit of a ball ache but worth it in the end. You'll need an adaptor ring, sound so much better than the standard speakers. If you want a full system why not replace your door speakers with 6.5" after market speakers ran off your head unit, then have some 6x9's on the parcel shelf and run them off an amp as well as a sub?

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6x9s are the worst sort of speakers you can buy if you want to enjoy listening to music.

As Treblet said, upgrade the front door speakers and put a good sub in the boot and you're set.

How much money you looking to spend? Pioneer do £20 speakers (most likely a waste of time) all the way up to £80 speakers (going to be a much better buy.)

I'd recomend Focal speakers, as that's what I have and they're awesome.

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Thanks guys, just got a pioneer 12" sub that im going to be building into my boot, possibly today so may put some pictures up, so thort if i went with full pioneer the overall sound quality would be better, im normally against 6x9's just got offerd some by a friend for cheap thats all! :) , Whats a decent brand for some door speakers better than pioneer but also affordable? also a headunit?

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If you want to scare yourself have a look at Rainbow. Brilliant sound quality!

Agreed, rainbow are phenominal!

I've used alpine for the past few years and they're also damn good :)

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