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  1. Haven't found an ideal place to ask questions about wiring up subs and amps, so thought id start one! Post your questions here and hopefully people will share some usefull information to help everyone who's stuck! My first question... Iv got 2 jbl subs think there 400rms and 1200wt peak each. i Have a 1400wt juce amplifier Iv ran the ground wire to the boot catch metal thing, by un bolting the bracket raming the wire in the hole and then re tightening seemed to do the job, anyone elsse done this or is it wrong haha? I then ran the live to the battery ... Ran the remote w
  2. Give me chance to finish. im waiting for a new amp so i know the correct size to finish the base
  3. Okay so I decided to take some pictures through the process of my discreet boot build. Push seats forward and remove boot liner... Insert 2 pieces of timber for false floor struts... Use silicone to secure the struts in as they hold it very strong but is also cleanly removable by force if needed (useful if restoring car back to original spec.) Place boot liner on a piece of 12mm MDF. Use this rather than plywood as it is dense and cusions sound frequency better. Alterations must be made to the template, If you just draw round the liner it will not fit* Use a jigsaw/coping saw or other vari
  4. Fits perfect mines in now, really neat just going to leather it in brown leather today, will post pictures up in a few hours guys
  5. Currently doing a boot build in my lupo, Slick design (False floor carpeted to look standard with whole for sub cut into centre ) 10 or 12 inch Was thinking of making a template of my design and selling them as a kit? All you need to do is no nails it in and add a sub! Anyone interested ?
  6. Thanks guys, just got a pioneer 12" sub that im going to be building into my boot, possibly today so may put some pictures up, so thort if i went with full pioneer the overall sound quality would be better, im normally against 6x9's just got offerd some by a friend for cheap thats all! , Whats a decent brand for some door speakers better than pioneer but also affordable? also a headunit?
  7. sweet! trying to go for a full pioneer set up? is that any good ... whats a better brand to go for if there is
  8. Was just wondering if you can squeeze 6x9s into the lupo at the front (replacing standard doorcards) Anyone tried it ?
  9. Might be a daft question but what exact steelies are theyy? cant find them anywhere, thanks ash
  10. Thanks Chris, Hopefully getting some up soon! lost my camera and the trusty blackberry has decided it dosent want to work anymore so abit stuffed at the moment, should have some up soon though! doing a nice set at the moment, which ill leave as a suprise for everyone
  11. what my idea or the photoshop version?
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