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Reppin! ;)


Finally got a Lupo! And it's a Sport as well. Not taken many pictures of it yet as it's had to have work done to it and I've not been in the mood.

Bought it for £2500, done 100k miles but seems to drive perfectly, (coming from my dad) it was loooow, helpers out and everything, but had to raise 35mm it so I could get it over a speed bump at the end of my road :(

Happy as hell with it though! Amazing looking car when it's clean, previous owner was Carly1990, here's a link to what she done to it: http://forums.clublu...90

More pictures this weekend! :D

Dunno what I want to do to it yet, will update when I can, will be a little less frequent at the moment cause I've not got a computer monitor so I'm using a laptop.

Sorry for crappy iPhone pics.


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Your boot handle :wub:

Can't really take credit for it :tongueout:

No progress apart from my windscreen being shattered due to flying hare's.

Anyway, saving for wheels. Updates again when I get my computer working again.

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Looks good mate :)

Thanks lad, not looking it's best atm, but I've got a set of wheels lined up to get at the end of the month from the previous owner. Also, needs to go lower!


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Better than being hit by a VW rabbit ;)

RIP bunny :(

Stupid thing deserved it.


- Goes in for it's MOT on Tuesday, 100% its a fail.

- Going lower when two front shocks are replaced.

- Either buying new wheels or coilovers on Friday, dependent on what I have to spend after it's MOT.

Really hate it atm, so I'm doing nothing to it haha.

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Car looks tidy man, did she pass ??

nah, failed miserably. but it's all faults due to the height of the car/state of the shocks.

funny thing though; it was classed as a small van! hahah.

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Looks like you got yourself a bargain! Beautiful little thing :-)

cheers! it'll soon be even nicer! I hope. it's not a bargain any ore considering I've spent like 700 quid after I buy these coilies on Friday haha.

That sucks baws man. Atleast when you get new coilies on it'll pass no bother ;)

really not motivated to do this anymore Peter. ::(::((:(

did you get the.. you know what's?

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