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  1. It grinds in to reverse every time you try and I have had issues where it whines, they have said there is nothing wrong but I'm going to get a second Volkswagen garages opinion as a local mechanic has said something is definitely not right. They said they compared it to another Up! and found it made the same noises so it must be ok but to me that makes it sound more like its a common problem!
  2. My first car - my little 1.0l Arosa, loved the car but never did any modifications to it although it had potential! Then after 12months I sold it and got the same money back to buy my Up!
  3. I definitely think red is the colour I need!
  4. That would be someone I knows, he's the lad that did my roof for me.. his car does look stunning! Its funny you should say that as I want those wheels, just struggling to find them as they are the wrong stud pattern
  5. I love mine apart from the problem I'm having currently with my "clunky gearbox" that VW are trying to convince me is normal - I'm not impressed! It runs really well though, very good on fuel and isn't slow at all although I went from a 1l Arosa to the Up!
  6. That was the main issue I had with mine but for the extra Volkswagen wanted I decided to sort it myself. Cost me £200 to get some components and new speakers fitted along with my sub and amp in the boot :-)
  7. Name : Freya Age : 21 From : Burnley.. Job : Admin Assistant @ CEF Drives : 2012 VW Up! White.. Other Information : Interested In Cars & Learning More... This is me And some people may have seen my hair at Awesome last year..
  8. One from today when we got back from the Awesome Summer Bash...
  9. Lol I love the L'Up!'o, maybe that could be its new name ha Glad you approve! Good as the Up Owners club stickers are being removed - it appears they aren't very friendly after all as I've noticed they have done it with another member who has asked their opinion on modifications...
  10. I don't like those on the first picture.. love mine though lol!
  11. Looks like you got yourself a bargain! Beautiful little thing :-)
  12. Lol! I know, just annoys me on the 'Up Owners Club' how everything I've done is attacked... Each to their own eh!
  13. I don't generally like these.. but that looks gorgeous! You've done a really good job
  14. We will definitely be there in the up and possibley the Audi
  15. That Lupo looks absolutely stunning!! The Volkswagen badge is mint too
  16. I'm at the point where I'm considering leaving it tbh. I realise a lot of people don't like them but the fact that its been slated constantly and everyones putting constant negativity on it makes me wonder whether its worth being on there! I've had negativity about removing my rear windscreen wiper too as its dangerous so I have been told.... I understand that some people won't be happy, they aren't angled too high they are perfect as I've had them checked - I really can't cope with the moaning tbh........
  17. It's a proper HID kit, that's exactly why I'm contemplating leaving a different forum because I'm sick and tired of people telling me how bad it is and how illegal they are etc. I ordered the 50w slim ballast hi/low kit but they sent 55w that didn't have slim ballast, they fit perfectly and only a tad brighter but look brilliant I think! They are definitely HID's though...
  18. I know who you are too ha! Stop forum stalking me :-P P.S it's nice to be a member on a forum where I don't feel like I'm being bullied for modifying my car!!
  19. I don't know if I'm keen to be honest, I think it might be a bit much black with the chrome etc on there! We thought about getting the spoiler wrapped but I'm not convinced it would look right because of the way it sits on the car, I think I'll probably leave it for now.. Again I think it might be a bit much black but we will see... As for the coilovers I'll definitely have a look but I asked someone else about theirs and they said they couldn't find any so they have bought polo ones and butchered them lol!
  20. Yes sorry, I have had it coloured! Someone hit me a week after I bought the car so I decided whilst my bumper was being sprayed anyway I'd get it done! :-)
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