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New Classifieds Now Live


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ClubLupo has now switched our MarketPlace to the new "Classified" software, which can be accessed here:


We hope that by doing this, it will help to improve the organisation of the adverts to make things easier for everyone involved. Note that our 'selling rules' have been updated to suit, and if you haven't seen them, they can be accessed here:


As always, feedback is appriciated! The current "MarketPlace" forums will remain active, and can be replied to, but no new adverts can be placed, they should be done so through the new software.


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I just looked when it was originally posted, March 2012! Weird as I clicked on the 'New Posts' tab at the top and it came up! 

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17 minutes ago, Aliyaaii said:

Hi guys

Wow, that's quite a time gap! It's interesting how some posts from the past resurface like that. March 2012 seems like ages ago in internet time! Nevertheless, it's always nice to revisit old discussions and see how things have evolved. Thanks for sharing this find! 🕰️📅 free fire name

Says another obvious BOT

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53 minutes ago, Miya66 said:

Exciting news! Looking forward to exploring the new classifieds. Ready to find some great deals and opportunities! 🎉👍 #Classifieds #NewBeginnings

£100 that this is another BOT!

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