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Lenso RS5 swap for coilovers or GTI seats

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Classifieds section not up yet so here we go lol

Lenso RS5s for sale/swap, pretty much mint with good 195/45/16 yokos

  • Split rim effect with real bolts
  • 16 x 7J
  • ET38
  • 4x100 / 4x108 multi PCD

In this pic they're on a Lupo so they do fit!


Forum rules £280 but open to offers & prefer swaps for good coilovers (non GTI) or GTI seats

Cheers :)

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You're quite right cheers mate I got all excited & didn't do my research, rookie mistake ;) Fixed & even dropped the price too.

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The classified section changeover started today, as you have placed this advert today I'm going to have to ask you to re list it in the classified section as per the email you should have received a few days ago.

The classified section can be found at the top of the page next to the members map - Classifieds



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