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Best way to remove badges and strips?

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Hey guys, just about to go to my first big dub show ever this weekend and want my car to look sweet, I basically want to remove the badges (lupo) from the back and the side bump strips before I have it all buffed and polished, however have been told it is common for the paint to come off when taking these items off :/, plus it's a black car so any tiny scratches show right up, any ideas/ tips?

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For my rear badge I literally heated for 15 seconds with a hairdryer and then pushed down on the rubber part and pulled it off, no damage what so ever. 2 minute job.

The rub strips require more care, I attacked mine with a hairdryer but once half of it was off I decided to muscle the rest off which was fine, but it left the sticky residue behind. I had to spend 2 hours with a credit card and 'sticky stuff remover' getting it off, didn't do my paint any favours. I was more careful with the otherside, the key is trying to get the glue off with the bumpstrip, heat and go slow.

I was worried about paint discoloration as whats under the strips had never really seen day light but the rest of my 13 year old lupo was sun kissed. There are a few marks but nothing a buff and some t cut won't sort. Good luck

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A hairdryer wouldn't have reached outside long enough, plus I'm a dude so I don't have one :)

I done it a much safer way, boiling hot water to melt and loosen the sticky adhesive,a nd then a little tug and pull :)


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