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Red lupo Mojo - Project Stance Feature*

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New wheels, 16" bbs Montreals refurb and tires in due corse


cheers man, its getting there!

so i went down to see joeporter today and he kindly hooked me up :D



and the finished product*



pics don't do it justice, its lower than the hight of my phone! and i love it, it handles so well and the ride aint as bad as i expected, cheers again joe! try not to trap your arm next time! haha

anyway that is all....comments please?


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oryt haha, nah not to my taste

aaaaah i think they look better they brake up the colour

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Usually what happens if he ever does anything to my car :lol:

well he knew what he was doing so i felt like i would have just got in the way....well thats what i told myself :lol: haha

Making swift and good progress ;)

cheers :thumbsup:

yeh it seems to be coming together nice at the moment, just wheels now really!

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Also very nice, think I prefer the porkas

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I have expensive taste haha :lol: There's not a lot in it tbf t'others are bloody lovely too :)

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