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99 Problems and the Emmisions light's one!

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Evening All!

I've had my 1.0 Loop for a few months now and only had a couple of little gripes. The main one is the pesky Emmisions warning light! Can anyone point me in the right direction, or if anyone near Glasgow has a VAGCOM and fancies helping me out. Here's the history:

It came on just after I picked it up, seemed to be on motorway journeys. Put it in for a service, seemed to run fine. Light was off.

Month later, light came back on, motorway again. I don't rag it, usually sit about 60mph (It's a 1.0 after all!) Seemed to run ok for a few weeks then the engine wasn't playing nice. Sounded like a misfire (I have a very basic knowledge), put it in for another look. This time, HT leads changed and the Coil Packs were changed as there was a fair bit of corrosion on a bit of it. Running fine again.

A week after (now) the light is back on again. Still seems to be running fine though. Any ideas?

I also got a puncture, but I know how to sort that out!


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Come on folks help the lad out with vagcom simply for the fact he had a cool thread title

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Thanks Rob!

I might have to take you up on that. I'll send you a PM, I might be out and about next week. Thanks to the rest for the title appreciation! I thought it would be the best way to get some post views!

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