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  1. Same has just happened to me on the way home! AA called out and he diagnosed it as I have no clue about these things. I was stopped at a junction so was idling. I've got a wee 1 litre, how much was yours for repair? I believe they need to tale various bits off the engine to see if any of the cams are bent or something?
  2. Hey, I was having a similar problem. The passenger side rear footwell was a bit soggy and after some investigation I found a bad connection on the rear skoosher pipe. Had to take off the rear passenger door card thing. Was a bit tricky but some plumbers tape sorted it out. Couple of photos of where I found mine on my 12 year old 1 litre Loop. 2012-01-10 15.17.23 by Funky Nutbar, on Flickr 2012-01-10 15.17.34 by Funky Nutbar, on Flickr Hope it's useful!
  3. I think it might have been Wednesday, not sure I have a terrible memory!
  4. I can't wait to join the GTI club. Just waiting to get 1 year NCD under my belt before I go for it. I hope there are some nice ones available when I'm ready. No doubt you'll see a wanted ad on 20/10/13!
  5. I saw a real nice black GTI heading down Dorchester Ave in the West End. Was gonna give you a nod from my wee 1l, but you were too fast!
  6. Right, enough hilarity and back to helping me! The guy selling them got back to me. He said the PCD was 100mm, the centre bore is 64mm and the width is 195mm. He didn't know the offset unfortunately. He wasn't sure what car they came off originally as he's selling them for a mate. I take it this would mean I need some spigot rings: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/x4-Centre-Spigot-Rings-64-57-1mm-fit-VW-/160711031869 Is that them? What do you regular modders rekon, worth a try or keep looking?
  7. Two extremely helpful and well written responses with no horrific insults. I feel privileged. Thanks for the explanation on the figures, makes much more sense now. I'll ask the seller for the additional info and see what he comes back with. As a thank you, I have mocked up a photo of what the wheels may look like according to Joeadamou.
  8. Yup, It's another will these fit question. Before you all point me towards the help section, I can assure you I have read it fully along with any other posts regarding sizes. The problem is, I just don't understand them. Yup, you can call me stupid, but just don't accuse me of not trying! I have the 1 litre Lupo, with the standard 13" (highly kerbed) alloys on there and wanting to have a no hassle straight swap due to my astonishing lack of knowledge. I'm running with the standard suspension, so no lows for me but that should give a bit more clearance for the wheels? Maybe? I'm looking at thes
  9. Fair enough, might think again! Or I could buy a nice burberry hat to go with them.
  10. Nope, not my style... but I did some shopping of how they might look for you. I know, I'm such a nice guy.
  11. Evening All! I saw some really nice wheels go past on a VW van on my way home from work tonight. I think they were 12 spoke, and after a little light googling I think they were 18" 12 Spoke, from a Transporter or the Audi A8. I doubt I could fit 18" alloys on my little loop, and was wondering if anyone knew of similar looking alloys in a 14" or 15". Here's a little crude photoshopping of how it might look! Someone point me in the right direction! Ta, Andy
  12. Hey, I'm interested in the front and rear door cards and headrests front and rear (if they are solid). I'd need delivery to sunny Glasgow. Let me know if you still have them and the price. Ta!
  13. I think you're supposed to post a price on these, also would you courier to Glasgow?
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