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Can swirls be removed by hand?

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not really.

autoglym super resin polish will fill them slightly.

dodojuice lime prime is slightly abarasive so may take away a few swirls but you'll be there forever by hand.

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don't use t-cut whatever you do. ssrp are ok but not great, the nature of the abrasive particles make it near impossible to break down fully by hand, leaving you with a less than perfect finish. best hand polish is gtechniq p1. use it with a sonus applicator pad.

if the swirls are more severe no hand polish will remove them completely, so use a decent filling glaze after, like a poorboys (black hole or white diamond depending on colour).

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Think i'll go with gtechniq, looks amazing in the video!

What's can the sonus apllicators that a microfibre can't do?

They're pretty bad(ish) really bad when the sun hits, tried getting a photo but did'nt work and couldnt find a torch

Is soft blue ligh then, so i'd get white diamond one

And what's wrong with t-cut, i have some for the deep scratches on mine

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there is lots wrong with t-cut. the abrasives are very crude, they don't diminish leaving you with micro-marring.

a sonus applicator pad has two sides. the yellow side is coarse and is used to work and break down the polish. while the black side is soft and used for finishing. i think gtechniq offer a similar applicator with their p1 hand polishing kit.

any more questions just ask.

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Would this order be ok?

1. Quick rinse

2. Wash with Gold Class

3. Clay with £5 ebay clay lol

4. Re-wash

5. Dry

6. P1

7. Dodo juice hard candy

Thanks for the help, much appreciated :D!!

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That's not too bad at all chap. If you can stretch to it then it's a good idea to use a dedicated pre-wax cleaner before applying the wax, something like Dodo Juice Lime Prime Lite or Chemical Guys EZ Creme Glaze.

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Good stuff :) Can't wait to try it out on friday!!

how long should i allow the wax to cure for?

have to leave pre-wax stuff to future lol, does that just mean that the wax will last longer or apply easier??


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A pre-wax cleanser will give an ideal base for the wax to bond on to, therefore giving it more durability.

Remember the thinner the layer of wax you apply the better. I've never used a Dodo Juice hard wax to be able to advise on cure time i'm afraid.

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