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Stolen Honda CRX (import)

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Bit of a longshot I know, but I have just recieved an e-mail from my pal who has had his Honda CRX stolen: Lovely car and a great guy, so any help appreciated.


Unfortunately my car was stolen some time between 6pm yesterday and 8:30am this morning (Tues 16th Nov) from outside my house at John Street, Blairgowrie. I suspect it was taken in the early hours of this morning because there was still evidence of a dry patch on the ground.

If anyone sees it around, please let me know (or feel free to give chase!).

It’s a 1991 Honda CRX VTEC, Registration BNZ 2048 and is a Japanese import - an extremely distinctive car in its own right, let alone the bespoke parts that have been fitted.

There are only a handful of Honda CRX’s in the Perthshire area, and an even smaller number in black as it was only sold in black in Japan.

I suspect the theft was pre-planned as the car had an immobiliser, and stolen with a view to break it for parts.

There is a reward for any information leading to its return. In the grand scheme of things it is not worth a huge amount of money (worth a lot more in parts) but it does have a lot of sentimental value.

Many thanks,



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Yes, I think Mark realises that.

He imported the car himself and put a lot of work into it including custom coded ECU and a removable chip which limited the car for service and MOT procedures both of which were coded by himself.

Damn shame.

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He doesn't know, but he lives just off a main road with quick access to numerous very quiet rural roads. So a quick tow to a quiet location where it could be made more secure\put on a trailer would have been simple.

As I said, I think he's resigned to the fact that it's most likely in bits by now.

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Sure it hasnt just been hotwired and nicked for a thrash? It would need someone with a lot of knowledge of JDM-Yo to know that it would be worth a fair bit in parts.

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Marks a pretty well known enthusiast attending quite a few JDM tuning sessions and events, so it wouldn't be hard to know and track the car.

Thing is he's a really nice guy and would do anything to help someone out. He was interested in doing a GTI conv. in my Arosa, just for the fun of it. Just before he left working with me he re-built an engine test rig which was imported by a friend in bits from Scandinavia. He done all the cabling and computer side himself.

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