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polo gti


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Some people like a standard body with GTI power. Sometimes I think I would too...

Polo GTI engine slots pretty much straight in, so you'll just need the engine, box, ECU, etc.

Couple of threads on here about it, do a search for conversion and you should find some info.

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Why would it be cheaper?

With a Sport you dont need to change the wiring loom, you dont need to even change the gearbox.

All you need is an engine (Think I paid £130 for mine) and you could even get away with a remap of your Sport ECU without going through the hassle of replacing the clocks, ecu and keys.

Even if you wanted to do it propperly and changed the engine, box, ECU, clocks and keys you could buy the parts and get someone to fit it all for £800 tops.

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