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  1. slammed with black badge and roof rack looked very nice!
  2. mills787


    go for both. mix it up abit
  3. cheers, the darkness must have helped disguise the dirt and grime! haha i considered following you for abit - but you were cruising just abit too quick for the 1.4! haha
  4. yeah but im guessing the insurance company wouldnt like the long list youd have to put in the modifications box, mind you it is all VW kit so could claim it was standard
  5. were you with the R32? your car looked well nice - every time i see a GTI at night makes me wish i had xenons!! thanks for waving too - cheered me up on what was a very boring drive home!
  6. not heard any of their new album - but was abit gutted that they pulled out of leeds this year
  7. would be easy though - plus it is meant to be 'bad taste'
  8. i saw an amazing countach in birmingham a couple of weeks ago - wanted to turn round and follow it for abit just to listen to it, but had a car full of girls that couldnt understand why i liked it!!?!?
  9. only a certain amount - and if they didnt theyd probs need more of a loan to pay for all their acomodation and living expenses - so you lot would have to pay even more!!
  10. well said! I cant stand the 'our taxes are wasted on students' attitude alot of people have. its a very small % of tax that goes to students; we pay our loans back (including the interest), we pay what we can towards our tuition fees, many people have to pay studio fees on top of that. not to mention that student acomodation is a rip off for what you get! if i hadnt been to university i would prbably have left school at 17 and got a full time job in a shop like many of my friends. id be earning little over minimum wage, therefore id be paying a low amount of tax. but with my degree i hope to
  11. for the cost of transplanting the engine you could sell ur 1.0 and buy a sport - unless youve got all the bits already and can do the work yourself
  12. get it done mate, will look well good if i had the cash id get these: http://www.sportseats4u.co.uk/cobra-seats-...seat-p-468.html and re-trim the rear bench in the same colours would look mint
  13. sounds like youve got an alright deal - if theres 3 of you its £600 a month which isnt bad at all by the sounds of what youve got!
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