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clublupo.co.uk redirecting to amg owners?


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No, just reproduced it on my phone though:

https://clublupo.co.uk is being redirected to AMG via an SSL man in the middle attack/redirect.

http://clublupo.co.uk is redirecting to clublupo site as expected.

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Yeah, got it now. Same. I'll let matty know if you haven't already. Obviously a server/host problem when opening an SSL. On ipad safari browser here. Says untrusted. I'm gonna do an IP traceback. How exciting! :)


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Ok, I've figured out whats happening. Matty must be running more than just this forum on the server. And my guess is he accidentally left the same SSL opener script in the club lupo forum as the AMG forum. Easy mistake to make... So it redirects exactly as required. But in our case, the wrong one!

I don't think it'd affect anything/anyone though unless they specifically go into the host via the main domain lookup (unlikely). I think most people get here via a search (google etc) link and then simply click, then jump straight in.

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Strange! Yeah there are a few virtual hosts running on this box, that's an old one that's not used. No idea how long that's not been working though, I've not messed with the config in quite a while.

Will have a quick look now, might be an easy fix.

Edit - seems fixed, but I need to regen the SSL to cover the redirect. CBA tonight :D

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