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Lupo throttle doesn't respond

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Hello again.

So I got this Lupo SDI that I bought 2 weeks ago.

The first day after I got it while driving the car stopped responding.

The engine would be on and idle but the accelerator would not respond.

I took it to a garage and they said it's the ECU.

They said it shows that you press the pedal half way or full but the signal doesn't go out of the ECU.

Now I got a immo off free running ECU that was tested to be working and after placing it in, it still does the same.

The guy I got it from said that he has changed the potentiometer but I'm a bit doubtful.

But then again if it was that then it wouldn't show through the ECU that you are pressing on it?

Any ideas what it might be?

The orange coil light is blinking ( diesel engine management).

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Using diagnostics, you need to have a look at all the engine measuring blocks (sensor data/values). Otherwise it's just a wild guess. Ignore the fault codes, as it'll be something else, but still related.

A quick 'cowboy' check is to get the engine idling then one by one unplug sensors. Between each sensor check clear the codes and restart. When one has no or minimal effect, yiu'll know that the supply feed or output from that sensor isn't getting through to the ECU. Then you'll need to work back from that sensor to find the break or loose connection. It may also be a power feed from a relay.

@C3peteo I think his car is DBW...? Throttle pedal sensor thingy.

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Hi there

This is almost certainly the Throttle position sensor - you can check the operation of the using VCDS / Vag Com in measuring block 01, if the unit fails you get the glow plug light and also a high idle at around 1155rpm, with no effect from the pedal. You will also have a DTC 10847 / P1639 "Throttle position sensor - implausible signal" or similar, get a code reader on it (preferably VCDS) to check.

Had the same issue with my 1.4Tdi and spent ages on it.

The sensor itself is up behind the pedal box, connects to the throttle pedal with a sort of spring loaded yo - yo attachment and is a bugger to take out, but possible. There is a nut and bolt on each side of it holding it into the pedal box, you can see the nearside bolt through the dash if you take the trim off under the steering wheel.



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12 hours ago, BlacknYellow said:

ive bought one before, was abit of faf to get it to work, but in the end (with my version anyway) you get access to most vw's not just lupos

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