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Lupo tdi sport openair


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Hi everyone,

Bought a lupo a couple of years ago as I found one cheap needed a little doing to it and ended up loving it 😂 

Anyway, I've just bought a lupo tdi sport with open-air, tom&Tim interior that's apparently rare/sought after? Don't really get why but anyway.

Needs rear arches welding and few other bits and bobs and I was just wondering how much it'd be worth spending on it and how rare it actually is etc. I've not bought it to flip anyway I'm just interested.

Any info appreciated! 👍🏼


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I sold mine with a leccy sunroof last year, that was quite rare as is a car with air con, open air is rarer still but given our climate not really sought after, don't know what the tom and tim refers to, sorry

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@MikeOggie I budget £500 a year maintenance money. That includes repairs, all parts and regular servicing. And me doing the labour. Soooo, depends how much you value it. I'm yet to fix the rear arches on one of my Lupos, but have stopped the rot worsening by waxoyling till I get a moment. Already have the paint. But I find if I keep on top of all the little bits and bobs, the overall result is good and the car stays mint. You know, even things like upholstery (which I get from German breakers yards). The worst is usually the subframes and suspension components which rust very well.

I've only seen pics of the Tim and Tom fabric. Interesting theme... And yes, very rare- was special factory order only I believe. Pics please!

oh, and welcome to Club Lupo! :)


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Get those rear arches sorted as soon as... Within 300mm of a suspension component (MOT).

And looking nice! No dents or scuffs anywhere. Shiny. :)


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