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Gotta love them mobile speed cameras. Grrr.


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I agree. "£$^*^#"!!!

Not happy. 7mph above the limit and just cruising same speed as everyone else. My GPS dash cam says I was doing 55. Speed awareness course selected. Cheaper than points in the long run (insurance premiums go up by 20% for 5 years otherwise).

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I've been done a lot for many things, I even got a years pedestrianism as punishment.

These days I'm just smarter about it.

(I developed a system)

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Yeah, I also developed a system based on an old microwave oven and a satellite receiver head, but since the advent of laser, it's much more troublesome. I know how to do a laser system, but their system now can detect if you do that! Automatic gain control saturation. Hmm. So now I just don't bother and then this happens. Sigh.

Although I think I know your system. Works out better in court too :)


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Posted (edited)
I learnt so much today... ;)
We have been informed that you have Attended & Completed your National Speed Awareness Course with reference 1234.
THAMES VALLEY POLICE have been informed of this. Your attendance, if verified, addresses your offence with reference 1234 and no further action is required of you.  If there are any issues, THAMES VALLEY POLICE will contact you directly. You should retain this email for your records.       
Your record will be retained on the national system for a period of 3.5 years to verify your eligibility for a future Course Offer.  During this time, you can access your record at https://offer.ndors.org.uk       
We hope you found your National Speed Awareness Course both enjoyable and beneficial.  We value any feedback on your experience on the course. We have partnered with the University of Keele and the Open University to conduct a review of our courses. They do not have access to your data. If you wish to assist with this review, please complete the survey at https://openss.qualtrics.com/
If you wish to help us further in reviewing the effectiveness of our courses, you can opt in to Research Invitations by accessing your record at https://offer.ndors.org.uk      
Blah blah blah...
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Did you argue with them?

I did a little then just shut up and let them get on with it.

The misinformation they spread is chronic 

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It was online, so i had to provide my own entertainment. 🤷🏻‍♀️🐖🐓🍒🍎🌮🍛 (random emoji pick)

I agree with @Rich. Some interesting stuff, but nothing we don't already know as petrolheads. I think i was being a bit disruptive as my mic was being muted a lot... I was quoting auto industry and international stats that they don't want the public to know. And i was correcting some of the misinformation. Well they do say that participation is key- that I did a lot. "Frank, if you could let the other's speak...?"

We had an asian lady (chinese/malay/indonesian?) who could hardly speak any english and she was being picked on somewhat unfairly. Imagine being done for speeding in a non english speaking country.

But it was an interesting intro to the finally "I've been caught speeding" club. 🤘🏻

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