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Insurance on GTI for new driver

Ray Singh

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Hi All. 

My daughter is 18 and has been patiently waiting for her driving test which has been cancelled due to the pandemic. She bought a 1.4 16v Lupo the weekend before the pandemic kicked off in 2020 and has been driving on L plates with me in the car for the best part of a year. She has managed to clock up 3k miles between complete lockdowns. We are currently insuring her with Admiral for a learner driver for about £300/year limited miles etc.

I was considering buying her a GTI as a bit of an investment and something to do. I am sure that the insurance will not go up massively over her 1.4 16v, but when she passes, this could really leap up. An example is that we thought about a Mk3 golf gti 16v a while ago and pre passing her test, the premium was £600 and as soon as she passed, it shot up to £6000.

Has anyone out there insured on a GTI Lupo as a new driver, what sort of premiums are you paying and who are you insured with please?





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Get a cheap vw fox to start with, so you don't mind if it gets damaged. In a couple of years the appreciation for a gti will be higher and it'll be looked after. Plus cheaper insurance then... :)

Or stick with the 1.4


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According to Parkers: https://www.parkers.co.uk/volkswagen/lupo/hatchback-1999/insurance-groups/

All the 1.4's are group 7 and Gti is Group 22 - only 15 groups difference, you may be looking at a grand a month!

I can't comment on cost as mine was on a modified policy, garaged and also limited mileage to 1500, but its the same as my Mk5 Gti daily with 12k miles a year in Group 34 with full NCB.

But if its a second car, you have to build up no claims bonus on the second policy -you are essentially starting from scratch but with the benefit of some proven track record of driving with the other policy.

The big mainstream insurers do multi car policies, but not sure if they can tailor for older specialist car and young driver combination.

You could try a specialist broker...but suspect they will sniff this thread out and appear with a puff of smoke.

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When I passed I had my 1.0 Lupo on my policy. When it came up to renewal (passed in March 2020), my renewal was in June 2020, since they just upgraded my learners insurance to keep my no claims. In the May 2020, I bought my GTi and it was nearly what I was paying for my Lupo (£475) to (£750) and all mods are declared. So I imagine it won't be too much.

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Hi. My son got his license last year. You are right, it was very difficult due to the virus. At first, the driving instructor said that everything would be fine, but then we realized that it was not true. As for the insurance, I got it for myself, because my son was planning to leave for Holland for a year. The car remained with me and I drove it every day. We took out insurance from joywallet.com, it was convenient. When my son left, I often used his car and one day I had an accident. None of the drivers were injured, but the car was damaged. I am very glad that I have insured the car and everything worked out.

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