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1.7 SDI sometimes won't start

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Hi all, 

My Lupo sometimes won't start and will also just cut out when driving. Last night I had driven for an hour, stopped for 5 mins and then had to walk home! 


I've read about the 109 relay being a problem but after digging around I can't seem to find it in there. Is this normal? 

I pulled out the 100 and there seems to be a 405, 19 and a couple of others. 

Any help would be much appreciated. Also, if anyone has a surefire way to get in there that would be great. Got scratched to bits! 

Cheers, Matt 

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Happy new year to everyone who hits the 'all activity' tab :) to read the latest!

Yeah the relay should be marked 109, unless someone has replaced it with a lower power version. It's not just Lupos where they fail (Golfs, Jettas, Passats etc). Have a read, saves me saying it all again here:


Once you've removed the cover panels, the fuse panel folds out of the way to allow acess. You'll see the 'hinge' point in grey plastic. You need to use a hair dryer to make those wires a bit more flexible in this icy weather, or it'll be like it's jammed in there solid.


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