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  1. Thanks for the info!! I'll have another look. The fuse box did not seem to have room to push back or up at all so had to squeeze through. Super difficult. Cheers, Matt
  2. I did wonder that but the closest I seem to have is 100. Trying to find a relay diagram online and from the only one I have found there is no mention of 109.
  3. Hi all, My Lupo sometimes won't start and will also just cut out when driving. Last night I had driven for an hour, stopped for 5 mins and then had to walk home! I've read about the 109 relay being a problem but after digging around I can't seem to find it in there. Is this normal? I pulled out the 100 and there seems to be a 405, 19 and a couple of others. Any help would be much appreciated. Also, if anyone has a surefire way to get in there that would be great. Got scratched to bits! Cheers, Matt
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