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  1. Got it via PM from Speedy*M. Presume now banned.
  2. Reading that mk2 link looks like my 08 Fox is safe
  3. Any chance like this guy its upside down and you have a 601? http://www.vwaudiforum.co.uk/forum/showthread.php/155127-Polo-1-4-TDI-won-t-start?s=205540d58b0ea99723d0cd40aac3c3da
  4. I ended up taking the standard one out as i wanted DAB as well as BT and USB. Need to take a ignition feed from somewhere else or the unit wont go off with the ignition. I just used the live feed from the Power socket/Fag lighter
  5. Aye probably the way to go. Ill end up with the whole door if there is one in blue and just buy a lockset. Just started a three week lockdown so this will need to wait just now. I cant see anything obvious but i take the the ignition key is chipped. I only have the Urban Fox 1.2 if it makes a difference.
  6. My 08 fox does not have a Passenger door lock as in keyhole. Can just buy a lockset and new handle with the hole or do i need more gubbins on the inside? If the later what all do i need to be able to open the door with a key as if to much i may just be cheaper getting a 2nd hand door and new lockset
  7. Got an 08 Fox two weeks back. Great wee car what did 400 mile at around 80MPH in its stride. Anyway Hi
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