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Lupo S SDI - w/Refurb Box - spares or repairs 65k

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I'm selling on my yellow 02 plate SDI, as i haven't the time to put it right.

I've had it for a year, the gearbox has been overhauled six months back (i have an invoice for this), but the selector mechanism has become faulty, i now struggle to select anything other than 1st, or 3rd.

Body is fairly clean, though a bump strip is loose and a sill is dented. The colour burns my eyes but it is what it is. The interior has had dogs in the rear on folded down seats so you might prefer to clean it if intending to put back on the road.

The MOT is short, around 4 weeks left, although it has done few miles since the last test.

Seems a shame to scrap it with a good gearbox/ clutch in the car, could just as easily be made into a cheap runner or robbed for the box.

I need something that won't need my time and attention over the winter, so this has to go.

£300 o.n.o. for quick sale. Can just about drive it onto a low loader.


I've got a blue 'donor' car on a 51 plate going for £150, around 70k miles, with a mint engine etc. Many of the gearbox internals were used by the specialist to rebuild the first, so this one is a rolling shell. Time to clear the yard.

Happy to share pics with interested buyers. 07956671882.

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Where is it?

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If closer, i'd steal it from you :) Bargain!

How to fix it... It's just one 10mm bolt that is out of adjustment. If you able to get under the car, on the mech that goes into the gearbox, next to the exhaust, there's a bolt that adjusts the rotate angle of the shaft that goes into the gearbox. My guess is that it simply needs to slide up its slot by about 2mm. (If the box is still ok and reverse still works?).

If the box was 'just' working ok after the refurb and gradually went wrong, then it might be the selector bolt I mentioned above. If it just stopped while driving, then it might be more serious, especially if there were any noises (internal selector fork dropped out).


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