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Mk1 Arosa - Señorita

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Hello all, it’s been many a year since I’ve posted a project thread but might as well start one to look back and see how much money I throw away lol. Not to long ago I got rid of my 6n2, bought a 9N that lasted a day then got this Arosa. I got the car for a mere £220 with only 59k! Granted the interior is awful and the body work albeit the most solid shell I’ve probably ever owned just in need of some polish and TLC. In fairness to this car it has one of the cleanest MOT histories I’ve ever seen and it was first registered 01/01/01 so I had to take it. Up to now this is what I’ve done:

Stainless steel manifold

9n 1.2 downpipe slightly modded into a decat

9n 1.2 throttle body because it has no charcoal canister pipe intake

Removed charcoal canister

Bosch Super 4s (for Corsa C but exactly the same length etc)

Clear side indicators from 9n 

De badged boot

De wipered

Black pit bike foam air filter 

14” 6J TSW Evo’s ET20

Blue D shape steering wheel 

Removed front ARB


I recently bought a 6n flocked dash in the hope of turning my hideous grey interior into a black one but found out after chopping up the Arosa dash, it sits higher than standard and is to short on the back. But sh*t happens right? Also got a lower strut brace to be fitted and 6n2 handbrake.


As I lost a few 100 on the 9N it was only right to use some of its parts, was surprised the TB was bang on same fitment and plug. The clear indicators just looked better imo, I ended up cutting my original downpipe just where it joins the flexi and cut the 9N downpipe at the flexi and welded it together, still need to cut and extend it a few inches before it bends up as it’s too close to the subframe but will sort that later on. Couldn’t believe I got £90 for the cat so car only stands me at £130! The alloys are from my 6n2, got them at a steal price too, the first time I let my so called friend drive he scuffed one! Lasted nearly 30 years without a mark until then but they would benefit from a refurb. Been offered a Sparco FIA cage for cheap too but can’t warrant it with such little power aha.


Replace broken "Relay" bracket

Vented discs

Better seats/ full strip out (Drivers seat digs into my back 😡)


Nicer/smaller steering wheel 

Replace O/S indicator (lens fell off)

T15 turbo?? On 5-6psi 










Gonna wrap it at some point.

Got this used for £27.50 posted =]




Crazy how restrictive the standard manifold is..


Admitted the air filter will get a bit of heat soak but the standard airbox has the same inlet diameter of a Mc'Ds straw..

I was excited when I got this as I thought it would be a straight fit 😒


Should of been a 220 mile trip, but due to road works it took a bit longer, was the same person I got lower strut brace and 6n2 handbrake from.

Please excuse this ugly interior





As i ruined the original dashboard and put it on a bonfire last night it just gives me the excuse to strip it. But when i strip a car I do it properly 😂 

I'm not one of these who take the back seats out, whack a sub and false floor in and claim its stripped, i take ALL sound deadening, excess wiring and anything that doesn't need to be there.


Clean 9N 1.2 12v TB


Don't quite think 20s will fit haha



Still need to fit this, was cheap but it seems too light to really add much rigidity?




After - Just looks cleaner IMO

Had to take this carpet out, change kept appearing, it was covered in oil, drinks etc


It gets better underneath 😲


This also made its way onto last nights bonfire!


When i initially seen this i thought it was grease fat!

Later was told they used to do this before the galvanised them??

Either way its better than my 6n2 floor was!




Also started taking up the sound deadening.

This is the cars current main problem


Been driving around stuck in second gear 🤣 done it for a few days.

Ordered a replacement new cast for £17 off ebay, I can't believe the complete relay is £180+ 


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This is a thread to watch... :)


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Noice! I like the mk1s...

Forced induction for the win.

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Have a look on howmanyleft.co.uk, (275 1.0L's apparently 😳) probably won't be many with my mileage either.. Still waiting for this part to turn up. 🙄

My logbook says engine number "Not Known" is that common on this?

Also I have found a Lupo colour coded back bumper, I assume they are the same shade? Wheres the colour codes on these cars?

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Been doing a bit more weight saving.. B777C763-7F9E-4FB4-9E4C-72D6A65D8E83_zps

Do these cars have pollen filters? Struggling to find it anywhere in the matrix.

I have pretty much took everything else out of the interior except dash/heaters. Yet....


The rear spline bolt rounded off in the back seat so out came the grinder. 

When I got the car it didn’t even have the rear wiper attached and I don’t like them anyway. Lost the rubber bung from my last car, ordered another one someone ripped it out, ordered an acrylic ‘flush’ one and it fitted like so



Not quite as flush’ as it claims for 4.99 advertised for Ibiza/Arosa. So I contacted the seller sent it back and told him to send me the screw in one he sells for 7.99 iirc. Whilst I was waiting for that, I used the bung from just below the A pillar when the doors open with some masking tape 🧐 but I got there in the end! 


Much cleaner, can’t be pushed out, pulled out, blown out by a jet wash. 


You see them scrape marks above the Y on my plate? Who thought a 100cc quad would fit in the back? 😂

I know the Lupo rear bumper fits but has anyone ever tried the Lupo front bumper on the Arosa? I’m pretty confident it will fit and take out that dip under the Seat badge.

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New part turned up the other day, got the old one off and tried every trick I knew to get the plastic bushes out 


WD40, tried pushing them out and soaking it in boiling water but to no avail..


Annoyingly the 4 bushes I need come to £32 from TPS 🙄

So it’s back on and I’ve got 2nd and 4th gear lol sometimes reverse too.

The 2 sizes needed are 18.5 O/D - 15.5mm and 12 O/D to 8mm. Found some metal 12-8mm’s but not the 18.5. 

Still a little bit of sound deadening to remove


Starting to get a list of turbo parts together, I think I can do it all for <£100. Can someone confirm the block thread is a M10x1? I’m sure I read it changes into 1/8 npt for the oil pressure switch? 

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