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4x4 Volkswagen Lupo Mod


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Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone had ever modded a VW Lupo to turn it into a 4x4. I'm not sure why I'm eve thinking about this to be honest, but I was doing some research and the Fiat Panda and VW Lupo are almost have the same chassis length (by about 30mm, 3cm, or so) - meaning a conversion wouldn't be too hard: just very expensive. Atop of this, when I was thinking of this idea I imagined the VW Lupo as something like a G-Wagen. A huge, raised, truck - but it's just a Lupo. I mean, back in the day a Fiat Panda (1) (1980) had just 59bhp and was a good 4x4 - so keeping a 1.4 (75bhp) or Sport (100bhp) or even a GTI (125bhp) VW Lupo engine should be enough for a 4x4 conversion - however, the weight would increase due to this proposed modification. 

Literally had a dream about this, so ignore my MS Paint master piece 👌 and I know it's a bit silly but I thought it would be a bit of fun.

What do you think?

(Basically the VW CrossLupo we never got)

VW Lupo Raised 4x4 Mod.png

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Dunno if the box from a mk2 golf syncro will fit. Other than that, there'll be a lot of fabrication and welding... the biggest problem as always is fuel tank. The rear suspension will need to be fab'ed. modded propshaft. Modded exhaust (obviously). Modded front half shafts. Modded gearbox mounting. Different steering rack probably.

great project though. I also was thinking of making a VW Lupo Country. Start with a junk car as no point wasting a decent motor.

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Diesel would be my choice. 5 speed haldex kit, but proper 4x4 only inline with VAG stuff I think, but haldex would do. If you jack it up enough you can keep gear ratios with big tyres.

A3 / S3 quattro kit already been done: http://adetuning.co.uk/customer-comments/ade-tuning-customer-cars/quattro-vw-lupo/

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