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Leaking around the driveshaft-gearbox seal

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Had a quick search and couldn't find anything.

Just got the Lupo back on the road after the world's slowest suspension/ running gear rebuild. Got it home yesterday, and ten minutes later there's a pool of gearbox oil under the car. I know it's not a huge amount, it just looks like it because of the fluid type.

Upon inspection, it seemed to be dripping from the green sleeve around the gearbox/ shaft seal, driver's side. After a couple of hours and a lot of swearing, I've replaced the black rubber seal, I think it still may be dripping from that area. I'm going to get it higher to investigate the selector seal... does it usually present as a leak coming down there, or do I need to replace that sodding green sleeve?

If so, it's going to a garage, I'm sick of the thing now.

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I ended up dropping it at my tame neighbourhood garage before going on shift. For future reference, how does the green seal come out? A circlip or something? I'm guessing my usual approach of ****ting it with a hammer wouldn't work...!

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Ah, hang on... i think i know what you're on about regarding that green sleeve. It's actually a pressed steel cup that is designed to hold the seal against the inner flange/shaft that comes out of the diff. It looks like a last minute design fix by the box designer. You need to pull that shaft out after removing the little bolt in the centre of the CV flange. Then you lever it out give it a wipe and then pop in a new one. You do have to remove the inner cv joint to get to it though.

i watched my gearbox rebuilder do this a few weeks back on one of my SDI boxes. NOt straight forward.

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