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My bulletproof 1.7 sdi won't start....MOT due tomorrow!


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I know this is old and probably won’t get a reply but I have a similar problem…

vw lupo 1.7tdi

my fuel shut off solenoid isn’t getting any power it’s almost like the wire has burnt out ??? 
seen other pd pages that say the 109 relay but do lupos have them ? Idk. Any help would be appreciated 

cheers Josh 

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Yeah, behind the fuse panel. Disconnect the battery first. Might also be ignition switch or the big round loom connector just above the gearbox (but unlikely).

1.7 "TDI". That's a rare beast. I only know of one other owned by @battlebus

pic of car? :)


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The operation of relay 109 can be checked very easily: when the ignition is switched on, the glow plug warning light must light up (if it's hot outside or the engine is hot, it lights up for a very short time). If this light does not light up, it means that the ECU is not receiving power. If the glow plug warning light comes on, leave relay 109 alone for a moment.
If the Fuel shut-off valve (N109) does not receive voltage, the problem may be with the wiring or the ECU. The wiring must be checked first. The wire from N109 goes through a black 10-pin plug found on the injection pump. In this plug the wire reaches pin no. 8. See if there is voltage in this plug. Otherwise, the wire from N109 reaches the ECU on pin 120 (you can check the continuity of this wire with a multimeter).
I have a question: does the car not start at all or does it start and stop immediately?
An error scan would be very helpful.
Below you have the positioning of the relay that ensures the ECU power supply (109)
Also check fuses SB23, SB24 and especially SB37


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