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Lupo GTi - Font wheel towing out to correct tracking?


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I have recently purchased a Lupo GTi! 

However, its not perfect. The front driver side wheel is towing out quite notably whereas the passenger side is parallel. The reason that its like this is so the car doesn't keep drifting over to the right, as I've had it lazer aligned, and this is the solution the game me.

Obviously, this isn't a long term solution and I'm wondering if anyone may have any ideas on what the issue could be?

The car is lowered, however I'm not 100% whether the springs have been cut or if they're actual lowering springs. This car has spent most of its life in Japan, so I'm not sure whats been done to it as there are no receipts from the Japanese owner.  

Any help, opinions or advice would be much appreciated.

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36 minutes ago, Sausage said:

Take in quick fit or ATS and ask them to check it over, they should spot anything obvious like knackered joints and bushes for you for nothing.

Did they check the camber as well? Any odd tyre wear?

Cheers mate, thinking of taking it somewhere that does suspension as I'm looking to put coilovers on it within the next 6 months.

They didn't mentioned anything about the camber, and it had a new set of tyres when i bought the car so the tyres were brand new 

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