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Help, car wont run properly

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Ok, need some help

my lupo 1.0 is having issues starting /running

first i go to start the car , it starts fine , then other times it barely starts takes about 5 seconds then it sounds like only 1 cylinder is firing or something, the whole cars judders, embarassing

2nd , sometimes the epc light comes on and the car wont go past 3000rpm, then it does the same without an epc light , it turns itself off then restarts itself idling at 1000 rpm, usually around 850rpm  

3rd , i pull up to the traffic lights then the car dies then struggles to start , 

just wondering if anyone else has had the same issue or any solutions to fix it, 


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Replace coilpack, replace HT leads, replace spark plugs.

Buy a beer.

Additionally: I'd also get it scanned (or get a Bluetooth scanner) because beyond what I've given above, it starts to get into minefield territory.

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