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Found 19 results

  1. Hi there, I'm new to the forum and having anything to do with VW's (Not out of choice mind!). My sister has purchased a 2000 Lupo and both the driver's and passenger's side front wings need replacing. I've purchased two used parts but was wondering if anyone could talk me through how to remove the old ones and then attach the new ones.....? I'm not DIY illiterate but haven't really messed with cars before! Thanks very much! Tim
  2. Does anyone have a decent o/s/f wing for a non-gti lupo, preferably in D1B Yellow. May also need a bonnet and a N/S door in yellow too. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello Im searching for a GTI right side front wing , any color , small dents no problems Shipping to denmark must available
  4. So I drove my car into two posts like an idiot. I've dented the drivers side wing and also scratched the passenger sides door/panel behind the door. Looking at picking up a wing on Friday for £30. Any idea how to replace it? I've tried to search on here but keep getting errors I've attached photos to show what I mean. Any other solutions to this would be great, I'm all ears.
  5. Wanted: OSF wing for Lupo GTi, any colour accepted but preferably silver. Must be new or very good condition. (Mine is fine except for usual rust at bottom where it meets the steel sill)
  6. Has anyone got a driver side front wing in black for sale?
  7. Front passenger wing GTi colour not important must be rot free and ideally not modified
  8. Hi im wondering if anyone on here can offer me any advice. Ive recently purchased a 2004 lupo tdi sport as my first car. BUT the plastic wing mirror casing has been knocked off whilst the previous owner had it. It is not cracked or broken, just been knocked off. I cannot find any answers anywhere, and it has been taped temporarily. Does anyone have a more permanent solution? Thankyou
  9. Hi I am after a replacement wing mirror for my Lupo Gti preferably in Silver so I don't have to respray. Please let me know if anybody knows of one. Thanks
  10. Hey there, I know the wing mirrors are different sizes already for passenger and drivers side. My drivers side took a battering and got hit, looking at replacing it... Now if I was to buy a drivers side "stubby" mirror, are they the same size as the standard passenger side mirror, or would I have to buy a pair of "stubby" mirrors. Cheers
  11. Unfortunately some tit has smashed the casing off my OS wing mirror. looking on ebay they have very few lupo replacements that are pre-painted, most come primed. however they do have pre painted ones for a mk4 golf. someone told me that the mk4 golf mirror casing is identical to the OS lupo casing. can anyone confirm if this is true? Cheers!
  12. I need drivers door mirror due to recent collision - the mirror base is still in tact but cover and mirror are broken as is the remote lever connection: pref need in black but could paint it is suppose. anyone have a spare? or Breaking up? ideas for best place to source? Thanks guys Colin
  13. Right, i've bought a GTI spoiler off eBay but it has come with no fixings, i want to fit it properly onto my arosa, i know this will involve drilling through my bootlid.. sketchy business What fixings are there because on the parts diagram: There seem to be some sort of spacers (part number please)? What size (and how many) bolts hold it on and what size holes get drilled for them? Any info on this would be a massive help.
  14. So my lupo had a dent in the front wing, i got a new wing the "same" colour, however, due to the wing being sprayed that color recently, and the paint on the rest of the car being 13 years old and by the looks of things never waxed and polished by the previous owner, the new wing is slightly off from the faded paint. Alot of people cant notice it until i point it out but its doibg my head in, anyone know the best way to fix this without a full respray, either bringing the old paint back to life? Or somehow fading the new paint? If not im just gonna stickerbomb the s**t out of that wing lmao. Thanks
  15. Pretty much as title says, I've had a big search of the forum and google trying to find out if GTI wing mirrors will fit a Sport (as in straight swap) to no avail, probably not finding the answer for looking too hard! I've had previously electric mirrors but they have been removed by the previous owner for awful DTM ones. So if someone can help me out that will be great! Cheers, Chris.
  16. After a Drivers side wing, tailgate (bootlid) and bonnet for my mk2 Arosa Cheers.
  17. Hi! Does anyone have a decent o/s/f gti wing, preferably in reflex silver, but I'd take any colour if you have one? Thanks Martin
  18. Hi, drove the motor into the back of a removal truck the other day and as you might expect, they're pretty solid I need: bonnet, both wings, bumper, grill, both headlights and indicators, slam panel and a radiator If anyone has any of these parts, preferably in flash red (but will consider others as a good price), then I will be very interested! Thanks, Daniel.
  19. Need drivers wing, bonnet, bumper, indicator panel, front panel with radiator and lights Ideally in red but open to offers, Let me know if you can help :-) 079122 02287
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