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Found 10 results

  1. Just trying to find out what year onwards the 1.4s cars became fly by wire rather than cable. Or if someone could please tell me what mine is that would be even more useful, it's a 53 plate. Thanks in advance for any responses 👍
  2. Hi, had a look round but can't seem to find an answer to this... My Lupo gti is going to be more track focused from now on, so I'm wondering if there is a better radiator than the OEM one? Want to make sure the car keeps cool on track. Any help or ideas would be appreciated!
  3. Evening all, Here is my Lupo 1.0. Are there any suggestions that could be made to improve the car? I've just got a new set of doors with electric windows so I will wire them up and a new bumper and indicator grill. I also have a subwoofer, wired up some front fogs and wired up some DRL switchbacks. Other than that, what can be done?
  4. Hello! Just after some ideas on sorting out my Lupo! I've just got a 1.4 75bhp 16 valve 2001 reg with 103,000 on the clock and I've been wanting to rebuild the engine. I've been looking at changing the engine for something a little quicker but I've been wondering about just rebuilding this one with some performance pistons and some fast road cams etc etc. does anyone have any suggestions aside from this? Obviously I would be adding a performance 4 branch manifold and a full stainless system with a sports cat etc, but any ideas would be much appreciated! Also, what kind of power output could I expect from the 1.4 16 valve engine? Thanks, Amelia
  5. Hi, I am selling a set of Schrick fast road cams for a lupo sport. I bought these with the intention of getting them fitted, never got around to it and I have now sold the car so they're just sat taking up space in my bedroom. Description: 244° Schrick fast road camshafts Location: Rotherham, South Yorkshire Postage: £15 or Collection Price: £300 Contactable on here or on 07903203303 Matt
  6. Hey guys, this is my first car, a 2006 VW Urban Fox 1.2 in Uranium Grey. The cars done 34k miles and its perfect for what i need it to do. Ive had it about 2/3 months now and as a car guy i'm ready to start work, the only thing has been money but thats getting sorted. ive done what i can for now with limited resources etc but ive managed to black out the VW badges, take off the other badges, take off the door trims and keep the car looking as best i can for the time being. the shortlist includes coil overs, head unit, alloys (16/17") exhaust, fog light installation, 20mm spacers and smoked lights and tints. Watch this space! big things are about to happen! any recommendations or questions welcome Callum
  7. Hi guys, I have been given a universal back box and really want to fit it, I've seen a few lupos where the tip sits underneath the bumper. I was wondering how you actually do that? I've got a 1.4 75bhp model. Any help will be much appreciated!
  8. Hello, Wondering about a 1.0 Lupo and a middle exhaust like the GTI version, i`m wondering if anyone has made there exhaust in the middle or have they put the gti bumpers on a non-gti lupo, this properly sounds stupid but if i could get any advice on this it would be great. Cheers
  9. Hey guys, I'm pretty rubbish at using the search bar and I was wondering (if it hasn't been done before) what kind of power can be achieved from a 1.4s 75bhp engine without being boosted? Help much appreciated. Kay.
  10. After much thought about exactly how much power I want from my loop I decided.. I want lots more!! So the small power increses have got to be flogged to fund the next idea! Here I have a Polo 16v afh inlet manifold and throttle body, both in excellent condition with no running/ idle issues (common with these throttle bodies!) I include the fuel rail, injectors & fuel pressure regultor all working 100% and quite important to run along side with. Direct bolt on replacement for 16v lupo as a performance enhancement, easy to fit, I done it and I'm female and self taught! Noticable power gain, will be a more effecient gain if once fitted, having the vehicle then remapped
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