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  1. Hi, I am selling a set of Schrick fast road cams for a lupo sport. I bought these with the intention of getting them fitted, never got around to it and I have now sold the car so they're just sat taking up space in my bedroom. Description: 244° Schrick fast road camshafts Location: Rotherham, South Yorkshire Postage: £15 or Collection Price: £300 Contactable on here or on 07903203303 Matt
  2. Hi, Would the rear shock absorbers be suitable to replace a leaking Ta Technix one?
  3. 02 plate sport. 43k, bought it with 19500 year and a half ago
  4. I run 195/45's on mine You will struggle to find any other sizes worth fitting
  5. Toon


    +1 to currently looking for somewhere to fit my camms and remap the sport
  6. Name : Matt Age : 19 From : Rotherham Job : I control heating and cooling in cinemas Drives : Reflex Silver Sport Other Information : Wants a mk1 caddy
  7. They come with a space saver
  8. Toon

    front splitters

    Leon Cupra R splitter And fitting guid is here http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=57435
  9. Toon

    arosa sport..

    i think youd find it would be cheaper to swap bootlid and rear bumper
  10. Also spotted this, he let me out of junction in dalton
  11. Ive heard an rx7 engine is a pretty easy install
  12. Lupo Sport 19 No NCB, 1 total write off 600 fully comp for year. Kinda wish i had bought a GTI now But this has no actual relevance to this thread
  13. Im glad i got so lucky with my insurance after looking at the insurance threads that pop up on here
  14. Toon

    Big Fat tour 4

    Im doing this with a few other lads froms sheffield
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