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Found 10 results

  1. My Lupo has been sat idle for ages, after a failed MOT, long enough for the battery to go flat. Charged it up but couldn't find the usual key so tried the spare from the manual, but it wouldn't start the car. Any ideas or solutions? Edit: Car is a 54 plate if that helps.
  2. Hi y'all So my Lupo vibrates, although shakes would be a better word. It mainly does this when I start it and if I press the clutch. The boot cover shakes and rattles like crazy! Also, when I am braking at lights etc, and I press the clutch in the engine makes a brrr sound like it is revving up but the rev counter is dipping. Anyone know what is causing these issues, and if they are related? Also are they fixable without going to the garage. TIA
  3. Anyone got any ideas why my Lupo GTi doesn't always start when the engine is warm? I've taken this to a couple of garages now, but non of them have even been able to replicate the fault, let alone fix it! An example I give them is I leave my house, and go to the petrol station (10 minute drive) ignition off, key out, leave it a couple of minutes while I fill up, go to start it again then it wont start (see attached video and try to ignore the beeping). After leaving the ignition off for 5-10 minutes then try and start the car, it'll work. The check engine light is on, the fault is apparently the engine temp sensor. However this has been replaced with an OEM part and all wiring has been check with nothing unusual to show. Any suggestions would be appreciated! 20180206_171553.mp4
  4. Ok, need some help my lupo 1.0 is having issues starting /running first i go to start the car , it starts fine , then other times it barely starts takes about 5 seconds then it sounds like only 1 cylinder is firing or something, the whole cars judders, embarassing 2nd , sometimes the epc light comes on and the car wont go past 3000rpm, then it does the same without an epc light , it turns itself off then restarts itself idling at 1000 rpm, usually around 850rpm 3rd , i pull up to the traffic lights then the car dies then struggles to start , just wondering if anyone else has had the same issue or any solutions to fix it, cheers
  5. Hi there, I have a 1.4 Tdi Arosa 2001 plate and having a problem with it not starting. When you put the key in the ignition all the lights come on but when you turn the key to crank it it doesn't do anything. Its not a flat battery, done a search and most people have issues with the glow plug light not turning on but the light comes on when I cycle the ignition. It started to happen first when I ran the car and came back to it soon after, was remedied by pressing the key fob to cycle the locks a few times and some praying. Its now not starting at all. I cant hear the fuel pump priming and can't hear any relay clicks either? Its like there is no power going to the starter? Any help would be much appreciated.
  6. I need urgent help with my lupo e 1.0 today before I set off to work, I put my key in the ignition like normal went to start and it wouldn't it was just like ergh ergh ergh stop I was like **** so I waiting again and tried it didn't work, Then The Oil pressure light came on beeped and went off so I checked my oil and it was filled up to the mark i left it at before so I was like Whats wrong with, I then tried to start it again but this time i used the accelerator and vroom the lupo came to life and was running what sounding fine.. So I manged to get to work park up and then on my way to work I notice I have a loud like vibration when i trun right which I have no idea what it is as of yet, but when I went to start it after work it started up fine and my concern is could it be a starter motor or something? I need help ASAP as its what I want to be using for a year or more as a daily Thank you so much George.
  7. My 1.4 TDi was running and starting fine, then next minute wouldn't start. Luckily I was at a garage, they pulled up faulty cam position sensor so replaced it.. now it comes up with P0341-00-00 implausible signal. They double checked it, checked the timing and the wiring, it does start now but not well and still comes up with the fault. The only things out of the ordinary that day was I started it up when it had been left in reverse gear and rather than just lurching there was a hell of a bang! but it started and ran fine after. Then I jet washed the car and engine, with it running and it was fine till later on that day. They suggest checking the ecu, any ideas? Cheers G
  8. Hi, over the past few days my lupo has occasionally decided it doesn't want to start. The ignition will turn the engine over but I've had to pump the throttle a few times before it will eventually come to life. Also its not just starting from cold, the other day i drove to the shops, left it for 20 minutes, came back and it wouldn't start. any ideas?
  9. thank goodness for archives had problem with engine not starting when hot and engine appeared to be flooding judging by the smell when it did start, then either stalled straightaway or revs raced on their own. so changed plugs air filter etc and was just at the point of going to garage thinking must be fuel injection problem and thats going to be expensive! when found thread re coolant temperature sensor so got one on ebay for 7.50 nothing to lose right? it did the trick amazing!!! and now running much smoother. so would like to say a big thankyou to all members who take the time to post info cheers lindylou
  10. engine turning over, but not starting. it turns over as if to start, but then fail. about a week ago i was driving n the car went dead for less than a second, like some power went out. it took me to work couple days after that then now not starting. any suggestions hope i`m clear on the prob. Jus check n the EPC light is on, oh darn something electrical for sure huh lupie don't die on me. i did sum checkin around n i`m wondering if the compartment is flooded wit gas. i lent a friend the car yesterday n every time she started it she pressed the gas i had to tell her thats not needed. i`m wondering if this is a result from her actions.
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