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Found 12 results

  1. Hi guys, Been itching to out in some tombstones in my car and have tried to read as much as I can about how to do this. Wanted to ask a few questions before I begin gathering what I need. 1) I wanted to fit 944 seats, but they all seem electric - so what seat adjustment functions should I expect to lose if I just bolt them in and don't bother with the electrics. 2) if I weld the seats to lupo subframes, do I lose the pop up function of the original seat that allows someone to easily get in the back? Is it possible to put in tombstones and retain the pop up function? Pic bel
  2. Hi, I've got a Lupo GTI and wanted to know if it was possible to run 17" Porsche twists 7j fronts and 8.5j rears. Thanks in advance guys!
  3. I picked up these wheels a few months ago and after stripping off many different layers of paint including white, grey, orange, green and blue i decided to go ahead and get them acid dipped just to be sure! The dishes have a few scratches that mostly i have been able to sand out but there are still a few tiny marks that are hardly noticable. (although i know they are there so they will annoy me!) The centre caps are very damaged so will have to purchase some new ones! Heres some pictures of my progress! Paint stripping a month or so ago.. Today: Its a beautiful day to be getting on with prep
  4. How do! I am new to the forum, i've had a lupo before but fell out of love. I'm hoping to purchase a lupo later in the day and need to know very quickly about fitting porsche cookie cutters to a 2005 1.0 lupo. 911 361 023 54 r is the number they're stamped with but i am unsure if this means an offset of 54 or 23? i'm hoping its 54 because the lupo offset is around 40 right? these will be fitted with 20mm (15mm if they exist) 4x100 to 5x130 adapters and slightly stretched tyres. I need to know if these fit and quick responses/any responses are appreciated cheers me dears
  5. Hey guys, officially fedup and would like some advice before I end up being the sole owner of every teledial out there! haha Looking to put some teledials on my TDI I've got a set of 20mm adapters to start with, so knowing what "if any" wheels would fit the lupo with these would be a help? IIRC "will check tomorow" the teledials I have are 15x6j with slightly stretched tyres... used willtheyfit to calculate a tyre with the least spedo upset It's definately something I'm not getting with the offset, again IIRC, I think the main set I have are ET23... I think my line of thought was 23mm plus
  6. I have a set of cookie cutters but one of the center caps is pitted slightly. Does anybody know of anybody who is selling a set or even just the one?! Thanks!
  7. I am looking to buy some porsche tombstones for my lupo! i will re-trim them so i dont mind what state they are in. if any body knows anyone selling some then let me know! Also a nice porsche gear knob..?
  8. In Penryn in Cornwall, i was at the car wash, this black lupo parked up and after going over to talk to the guy, we began talking, he said if I remember his name was Luke. His lupo had a purple flocked speedometer cover Had Porsche wheels on And was a 1.4 16v and was pretty low, couldn't get my hand under the front arch, if anyone knows who this is i would be very grateful of info as would like to contact the guy. Cheers
  9. Hello to all! My name's Hanna, and I've recently bought a 1.4 16V Fresco Green Lupo - 52 plate, with 32k on the clock. It's my second car, and considering I used to own a snail (Ford Ka) before this, I'm finding it pretty nippy! So here it is. It's completely standard at the moment, but hopefully not for long as I now have these. I'm hoping to get these sprayed in red, bumpers smoothed and the car resprayed. Open to tips and advice
  10. Hi Guys no longer got the Loop so got some stuff to sell on, My Ronal R15 Wheels, freshly powdercoated and not been on a car, 14"x6", Lupo Centrebore, 57.1 and PCD 4x100 and ET38 if i remember so direct lupo fitment. Still hoping for close to £220 as theyre MINT ! Porsche 944 Tombstones, car had 28,000 miles on it when they were removed, had them on ebay at £180 with lots of interest but no serious offers, £160 as again theyre in great condition other than a deep scratch on the bottom next to the adjustment knob 1.5-2cm long roughly Will include the porsche runners to help conver the bases ov
  11. Below are some pics of the lupo - the good ones and also where there is a scuff on one of the rear arches, front bumper and key mark down the side. They've all been on there in the 18 months I've owned it - never planned on going concourse with it so it didnt bother me...i just needed bad ass fuel economy for my 60 mile a day round trip - i get 370 - 400 miles out of a tank for like £40. Bought it (off this board) with 108,500 on it and it's on 134,400 ish and it's never missed a bit. Serviced by my mate with his own garage and everything that ever needed to be sorted mechanically was. Taxed t
  12. Polished Porsche 928 Winter wheels 7 & 8" x 16 staggered, excellent condition still boxed since being polished not fitted to car. £700 Location Birmingham Email mmmsomething@msn.com Graham 07795 071296
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