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Found 17 results

  1. I have a set of Lupo GTI headlights they have been made to work on NON GTI Models, they have been converted to HID with a HID ballast kit, They are in all good working order just requires 1 side light bulb £180 or best offer
  2. Hi guys, I recently brought a little Lupo S 1.4, I really need help looking for the name or where to find and buy a missing part, it’s a small thing but it makes the car look miles better. It’s the metal cover that goes onto the lock barrel, where you insert your key. I have attached a photo highlighting the part. Any help would be massively appreciated! :)
  3. Hello Guys just wondering if anybody could make a short list for me. I am just wondering what parts can be swapped between lupo models to help a lower model out. I come from a Mk4 golf background so I am talking the likes of Brake swaps, hub swaps, exhausts cheers in advance for any input
  4. Any one got a1.416v throttle body laying around? its the one that is fly by wiring and not the throttle cable driven one. many thanks Lewis K
  5. Pair of genuine VW roof bars for a Lupo, lockabe type, in good condition Will pay up to £50 for a nice pair...oooer!
  6. Hi there! Just got my first Lupo (1.4, 16v, black, open air) a couple of months back, and I love it to pieces. Aside from wanting to find other lupo owners that love their cars as much as I do, I'm also looking for some advice. The open air roof leaks something chronic, and even though I've pulled the whole thing out and stuck sealant under the roof panel, it's still letting water in Can anybody either - 1.) Give me advice on how you've DIY fixed this yourself? 2.) Direct me to someone currently breaking an open air/selling a secondhand roof OR 3.) have an idea of any businesses that might be able to redo the roof? Preferably at a non extortionate price, being a student doesn't allow much in terms of funds Hope this is all allowed! Thanks in advance for any help <3
  7. Hi guys I have a 1.4 xreg 105000 miles on the clock! what is the best oil, air filter, oil filter and spark plugs I can buy?
  8. Looking for a few parts for my GTI, after trying my luck on the Facebook group but nobody seems to be able to help. - Lower Passenger GTI doorcard - Decat Manifold - Stainless Exhaust system - Leather Interior - GTI Gearknob Money waiting, will highly appreciate any responses. Cheers.
  9. Hi guys I've just bought a Lupo 1.0E for my first car and i just trying to find a few bits which are missing for it. I have located most parts that i need like door locking pins and rear drivers side molding but I am in desperate need of both my manual mirror adjustment knobs, i have spent ages trying to find which are the original adjusters for my Lupo. If anyone can give a decent picture of them or a link to somewhere i can get some please that would be great. Many thanks
  10. Hi, does anybody know someone who is breaking an arosa mk2? Looking for interior parts such as door cards, handles, gear knob gaiter, ect. Or just general parts!
  11. Hi all, I was wondering if you could help. I am trying to source (or even uncover the part numbers) for the following GTi parts: - GTi Gearstick Knob - Red Upper Door Cards for the front doors Thanks
  12. Hi just got a lupo and looking to buy some parts to 'spruce' it up a bit. If anyone has any of the following for sale please let me know: Smoked rear lights Black bonnet and boot badge Lowering springs Speakers, parcel shelf Sub And if there any other little parts you may have for sale let me know, thanks
  13. Does any one have or know anyone who has a: LUPO GTI SPOILER for sale please contact me on here or text me if so... Thank you, Owen.
  14. Anyone selling Lupo GTI: -SideSkirts -Front& Rear bumpers -Spoiler please message me if you are or you know where i can get these !! Thankyou.
  15. Hi everyone.. Had my Lupo for a while, brought it with a broken gearbox (the common rivit shearing issue).. I had the gearbox replaced and everything was good...
  16. Im looking for a standard/stock exhaust for a lupo sport.does anyone have one for sale for the sport or gti(I hear the gti exhaust fits the sport?) I need the down pipe and back box. Thanks
  17. To0m123


    lupo 1.4s need both door locks with a key? both barrels are mashed on my my car likes to keep opening the windows and not locking so need asap. post on here or pm me.
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