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  1. Depends what you call a 'thrash' in 1.0L lupo hahahaha
  2. It's because I just recently purchased it the car has been sitting around for a couple of years, started this morning first time
  3. Well on cold mornings I have to press the accelerator a couple of times. Well when it didn't start I done a stupid amount of times haha
  4. Turns out I flooded the engine all sorted now guys
  5. Just got my lupo yesterday and started fine. Last night I was playing around with radio for a while and this morning the car wouldn't start. Being a complete noob I tried starting it numerous amounts of time and one of my friends thinks I could of flooded the engine? Thoughts?
  6. Just got a 1.0 Lupo and it sounds like **** obviously but is it really worth getting a cherry bomb or sportex exhaust for it? Links: http://bit.ly/17o54iY http://bit.ly/GW2cna
  7. Hi just got a lupo and looking to buy some parts to 'spruce' it up a bit. If anyone has any of the following for sale please let me know: Smoked rear lights Black bonnet and boot badge Lowering springs Speakers, parcel shelf Sub And if there any other little parts you may have for sale let me know, thanks
  8. Hey guys just got my lupo today. Done 49k miles, 2000. Full service history payed 1400 for it. Will upload pics when I can. Cheers guys
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