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  1. i've done the research and they will fit. So if you could get a photo of the suspension uploaded onto here so i can see the condition of them that'd be great. and one more question; how many miles has the kit done? thanks
  2. what condition are they in? could you upload a photo? will it fit a W reg (2000) sport? i could be interested, i don't think the suspensions been change on my sport ever!!
  3. Im looking for a standard/stock exhaust for a lupo sport.does anyone have one for sale for the sport or gti(I hear the gti exhaust fits the sport?) I need the down pipe and back box. Thanks
  4. search "how to upload pics" or "upload" on this forum, there's a how to on here.
  5. i know the PCD & offset ET45, need adapters at 20mm - makes ET25? the only thing on the inside of the wheel is "made in italy"... i did measure inside lips, thats 7"
  6. had a flick round the forum and found this http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=31082&st=0 turns out i'm actually very very very wrong.....i'll get my coat...
  7. i can't see it being that much work, its a bolt in job, just got make sure it all lines up and re-map when done. i think theres a thread on here with a how to and what involved
  8. thanks for the comments. Question for you all, is 7j 7inch on alloys? Measured the ones I've got and they're 8inch wide...
  9. I've been on here a while now. I've asked the odd question and made the odd comment but the time has finally come to get my wagon on here. So, here it is... and a pic of one of the wheels to go on... They need a clean and a bit of a referb but thought i'd share the start of my build. Once the wheels are cleaned up and ready to go on it's getting lowered, smoked headlamps, debaged grill, i want a bonnet bra but have heard they don't do your paint any favours so i'm going to matt black vinyl the bonnet to protect it and i have some patches of laquer peal which will get hidden under the wrap
  10. i used to have a leon sport 180bhp and now i'm driving a lupo sport too so suffering with the same problem, i miss that turbo torque!! tuning the lupo all depends on how much you want to spend and how good you are with a spanner. one thing i was looking at was supercharging; the cooper s supercharge is a bolt-in engine mod and doesn't look too difficult if you know what you're doing, i've had a breif look into it out of interest so don't quote me on fitting one...but i think all you need is the charger, a bracket to mount it on and a pulley to connect to the aux belt. fitting one will give 170
  11. if it slows down when you indicate its prob a relay
  12. i have that problem sometimes, but i'm driving a sport so not sure if they're going to have the same setup. i don't think the lupo gear box is that hardy and seem to fail but that might just be on the sport. if it were me, i'd crank it up and see if it makes a difference and if i was to un-do the nut i'd make sure the engine was supported before i did anything. this prob hasn't helped at all has it...
  13. thanks for the offer, but i think i'll wait and get a set of coilovers, i can adjust the hieght then.
  14. can i use them with standard shocks? have you used them? if so how long have they been on the car? (approx mileage?) how much you want for them?
  15. Doh!! Thats what i meant, named not main!!
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