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Found 689 results

  1. Hi guys, Someone have a guide for modify the front seats of Recaro S3 8L for fit on Lupo Arosa? I've found the electric pin for move them. If I cut the orginal guide, can I fit Recaro aftermarket guide specific for Lupo or Polo 6n2 3 door? Thanks
  2. hello i had made another topic some time ago.I need your appreciated help again!!! after much search around Greece for 1.6 engine no avy or arc around at all. i found an ajv one from a polo with 180.000 kilometers.There is no gearbox so i need to know if i can use mine. As much i have read its an engine with 120 hp power and drive by cable(mine is also dbc).I can also buy with this the ecu,the driveshafts with the brakes and the clocks. there is no loom(i have found one on ebay for 200 euros!!!). so the questions are these; 1)can i use my gearbox? 2)i need only the engine loom right?if so any possibility used from another model?or only from ajv? 3)the driveshafts will fit in lupo?both front and back? 4)my car doesnt have abs will i be able to use? 5)are the engine mounts the same as are with avy? 6)as long as i have the ajv exhaust manifold will i be able for start to use the rest of the exhaust? 7)any other loom i can use? the engine,ecu,driveshafts and clocks will cost me somewhere around 500 euros is there anything else i will need and i forget i do?i need to have a budget on my mind to decide whats better.
  3. Hey there, i just bought a 1.4 Lupo with a folding roof. Does anyone know how i can convert it to a normal hardtop roof? Many Thanks
  4. FrazerLupo


    Desperately looking for a 16v Lupo sport for sale!!! please please contact me if you have or know anyone that is selling one!
  5. Description: lupo/arosa boot spoiler and tailgate. Tailgate has small dent to lower lip. Wiper blanked off. Spoiler in good condition, would benefit from painting. Spoiler sells on ebay for around £150 on its own! Location: east Yorkshire Postage: collection preferred but if interested message me and we can see if we can sort something. Contact: 07506757337 Price: £120
  6. lupogtiboy

    Whiteline Rear ARB

    I've just treated the GTI to a White Line Rear ARB, I've read they make a huge difference to the handling so I'm looking forward to getting it! Those with it fitted, what setting did you find best? I know there are three settings, just wondered what owners found the best! Thanks in advance!
  7. First of all hi to all members of this club,i have readen so many topics of this forum,you are doing a great job. My name is John and i am from Greece,unfortunately not so much lupo-lovers there so not much info on our blogs/forums even mechanics. At this point before i ask you my questions i will ask you to forgive me for any language mistakes,i really try to use English correctly. I know from other topics you would suggest go sell your lupo s and buy a lupo gti,but in Greece there are no gti at all.There are 2-3 that are converted to 1.6 but no GTI at all and no 6speed gearboxes.I have readen many topics from this forum propably the most organised all over the world for lupo.Lupo used to be my favourite car as a kid and i bought one 1.4s as my first car. The seller tha was a common "friend" with a cousin of mine lied to us that it was a sport and i bought it...So because i really like this car i would really like to convert to 1.6,not so high insurance etc.I am not thinking at all 1.8/ So i have a lupo 1.4 s 75 bhp cable throttled (AKQ engine code) QUESTIONS 1)As much as i know the engine mounts are the same i will not need changing them right? 2)Gearbox will fit or i need one from polo?i would prefer short shifting not so much high speed 3)i would also like to keep cable throttle because its a bit more "aggressive"(cant think the right word to use) is that possible? 4)as much as i read things that are absolutely neccesary to do the convert are engine(mr. obvious from Greece xD),engine and interior loom,ecu and chip from key? 5)do i need driveshafts? 6)can i use for the start my old exhaust system until i have more money to go for a performance exhaust system? 7)one other question if i can fit the whole dashboard from a polo gti 6n2 because mine has some damage? 8)is something that i need not mentioned? 9)are there are many ecu options from 1.6?i mean are there ecu that can be chipped,remapped and some not? 10)Sorry for so much said and asked i tried to be accurate,really appreciate your work in this place,you are the craziest lupo lovers seen.Have seen some unbelievably nice projects around. thank you for reading and answering
  8. NailTimVideo

    VW Lupo From Saint-Pete (RUS)

    Hi I am Nail, I live in Saint Petersburg, Russia Here's my thread about my Lupo Bought it on November 2k15 after selling my Mk2 Golf. No front bumper, cracked lights, bad interior, bad music, rusted hood and so on...But already installed coilovers. Firstly I've attached all the front I have found in our city, resprayed it and swapped wheels to banded steelies. Also installed Mk4 Vag Sport front seats, and all the rears were sent to rubbish. After the winter I have bought forged R14 wheels, Yokohama Advan A048 semislicks, full swap to 256mm and 232mm brakes, some spacers and other stuff Some of the parts were rebuilded and finally installed Sanded coilovers Front camber -2,5 DIY front splitter from offroad arches wideners (sorry for my English) Also had RNS-MCD (sold already) Specs by now: - TA Technix coilovers - Sparco R100 front seats - Deleted rear seats - OMP Road 3M belts - No audio at all - Borbet Type A 15x7J ET25 painted fully black - Custom exhaust with Mk2 GTI Golf's muffler on 50mm tube - Engine's custom firmware (no cat, no lambdas) - GTI Front brakes conversion and 280s Brembo fronts and ATE 232s rears - -2,5 front camber, stock rear camber - Painted with Montana Black series into Black with VW Motorsport stripes My Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/nailtimvideo Feel free to contact
  9. Hello there fellow members, I am in dire need of your aid. I have a VW Lupo 2001 model, AUA engine , petrol, with automatic transmission. It had a faulty gearbox when I bought it, so I have replaced the gearbox with an FMD box. After installation of the box I am currently getting the following errors: 00293 - Multi-function Switch (F125) 03-00 - No Signal 00266 - Solenoid Valve 5 (N92) 30-00 - Open or Short to Plus My auto-electrician has traced the wiring and found two unconnected cables (brown-yellow and red-blue) coming from the gearbox loom. Where could I possibly find wiring diagrams/ cable pin-out for the TCU and gearbox? (Excuse my terminology, i'm not technical) Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.
  10. I'm coming round to doing discs and drums for the lupo. Does anyone have any torque settings, can't find them in elsawin. Mainly after the carrier bolts. Zap
  11. charliemug

    GTI Upgraded Radiator?

    Hi, had a look round but can't seem to find an answer to this... My Lupo gti is going to be more track focused from now on, so I'm wondering if there is a better radiator than the OEM one? Want to make sure the car keeps cool on track. Any help or ideas would be appreciated!
  12. Danyutz

    [Sold]: OEM Roofbars

    As I sold the car, I got the roofbars for sale. They are OEM, bought them from Germany, they're in perfect condition, but don't have the rubber strips ( which doesn't affect the bars in any way ). They come with security key and tightening tool. Asking for 100 and they buyer pays the shipping (40 quid tracked). Can send more detailed pics if needed.
  13. Mikey444

    Weird noise

    Bought this lupo the the other day , plan on re mot it then sell or maybe use it for a bit its a 1.0e but has a major loss of power and there is a weird noise i think its the clutch release bearing, when its in nutrel it makea a rough sound untill you put in in a gear then it goes away , plus there is quite a high bite point on the clutch, i think its the release bearing and anyone have an idea what it would be to fix? Possibly a garage also loss of power, i have a 1.0 as my daily car and i can tell its got a lot less power than mine and its only the 50bhp model, does anyone think it will just need a gernal service spark plugs etc, or anything else in mind? I took the engine cover off to check the air filters and they are quite clean, whole car is a bit dirty/ rough , last owner didnt give a shite about it.
  14. Will Cheyney

    '55 laser blue GTI

    She's a totally standard, 2005 GTI in laser blue. Just finished giving her a proper polish and wax with a newly acquired DS polisher.
  15. R.S91

    Lupo 1.8t

    Hi, im looking to do 1.8t in Lupo but I'm not sure what engine mounts to use. Would anyone be able to help me please?!?
  16. Lupo_Belle

    Lupo 1.4 TDI Sport Wanted

    Hia All I'm in the market for Lupo...w00p! Looking for a 1.4 TDI Sport ONLY - I'm not interested in any of the other trims. I need one for the end of May so this isn't urgent but if the right one comes around can purchase. I have a 2004 Carisma going if anyone is interested in a swap. The thing is pristine inside and under the bonnet and has just had £500 quid spent on it plus loads of extra little bits done by the old man (a retired mechanic). Its got about 9 months MOT left n'all. I'm in South Wales but don't mind travelling to pick it up . Message me if you have anything going please
  17. Struggling with the driver's side handbrake cable, can't seem to get it out between the chassis and rear beam. Has the chassis bent? Has someone trapped it if changing the rear beam? Is it normal?
  18. As we all know the GTI spoiler is a bad design and allows water in which then causes paint blistering... What is the best way to seal it all back up? Light - The OEM gaskets obviously fail and I dont believe they can be bought individually as no part number is on ETKA... I purchased a BMW E36 gasket to see if that would work but isn't the best of fits... What could I replace it with? Clear silicone? Foam Tape? The light does need to be able to come apart down the road again... Spoiler - As standard there is foam tape, Should this just be replaced or is there a better substitute? again silicone of some sort?
  19. Ok so I know you cant bake the GTI headlights to split them due to the sealant unlike the normal ones... So my question is can normal headlight lenses fit the GTi headlights? (just the front clear plastic) If i could manually remove the lense from the GTI by dremel etc would a normal lenses fit? PS... The GTI headlight casing is dead anyways (crash damage, cracked lense, no tabs,)
  20. JRoberts

    Custom exhaust fabrication

    Hi! I want to get a custom exhaust made for my 1.4 tdi. Want something different like an up and out pipe. Just wondering if anyone could fabricate me one for a good price, something that'll replace the back box would be great, with all the mounts added, (Something like the picture added) Thsnks!
  21. Joechapl


    Here is my Lupo 1.0. Are there any suggestions that could be made to improve the car? I've just got a new set of doors with electric windows so I will wire them up and a new bumper and indicator grill. I also have a subwoofer, wired up some front fogs and wired up some DRL switchbacks. Other than that, what can be done?
  22. ConnorWood96

    Somebody please help?

    So basically was trying to take my exhaust off and 'just backbox really' failed doing so and gave up, went to leave for work and car when into limp mode and epc light came on, I'm hoping it's due to me pissing around with the exhaust and there's a leak but that's me questing as I have no idea! Anybody shed some light please?
  23. Mikey444

    Xxr 527 fitment

    Bought these, and i'm having fitment troubles i am aware that your tread cannot be past the bodywork, the tyres are 195 50 15 should i get a smaller set or put on 195 45 15 that i have on my rota wheels,? or will i need new tyres , 185/175
  24. When i first bought the car it would idle at around 500rpm and would fluctuate up and down... I replaced the temperature sensor, spark plugs, throttle body(used/part worn) and cleaned the throttle body... But this didn't change anything it still hunted at idle... Then around 4 months ago it just mysteriously idled properly (the car had somehow fixed its self!? But now the exact same problem has returned Any ideas? (The car being lupo AFK cable throttle)
  25. Hello all, the twin cup holders in my lupo gti seem to droop slightly in the middle and rattle slightly when driving. I'm trying to sort out all of my rattles because they do my head in haha. Has anyone had a similar problem or is it just me? I've tried felt tape on the under side but that didn't help anything. Thanks in advance. Lewis.

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