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Found 11 results

  1. Hi guys, I recently brought a little Lupo S 1.4, I really need help looking for the name or where to find and buy a missing part, it’s a small thing but it makes the car look miles better. It’s the metal cover that goes onto the lock barrel, where you insert your key. I have attached a photo highlighting the part. Any help would be massively appreciated! :)
  2. Hi all, I've just ordered some proper funky dice door lock pull pins, I was just wondering are the original ones on by thread or glue? Cheers, Luke
  3. I'm after a complete lock/key and mechanism assembly for a lupo tailgate 51plate in red. Although colour not important. Cheers in advance
  4. I've just bought a complete Mk2 bootlid and i intend to fit it to my Mk1. This is a non central locking bootlid so wiring will have to be transferred and a new lock and handle will need to be purchased. However to be able to use my existing key, regardless of which handle is fitted, the lock and barrel will have to be switched OR modified. I have done the latter and modified the lock to be fully functional with my existing key. This is how it was done: I removed the handle from the boot to do this but it can be done with it still fitted. 6 Nuts is all that is holding it in so its not too hard
  5. Hi. I can't get the boot of my 2001 Arosa S open. The central locking won't unlock it it although it does make straining motor noises for a second or two when the car is locked or unlocked. Similarly, I can't get the key to rotate properly in the lock, and any rotation that does happen doesn't seen to do anything. I've not been able to use the key in the boot since I've owned the car though, so that's not new. The actual boot handle it self doesn't have much resistance to movement, it moves smoothly and springs closed when I let go, but it doesn't actually feel as though it's connected to any
  6. Put up a post a little while ago and mentioned that my car had been broken into but i havent had the time to replace the passenger side lock which has been smashed to bits by what i would assume was a screwdriver or something. What would i need to do to get a lock that matches my current key? Would i just need a lock with a different key just for that door? Cheers
  7. First forum, so be nice Basically I have 2 keys for my Lupo. The first key (main key) opens the passenger door, the boot and starts the ignition. The second key only unlocks the driver door and nothing else. This is a real pain swapping from one key to another, so I was wondering if there is a way to swap the barrels from the passenger door into the driver door?? I never use my passenger lock and it seems the best solution, unless anyone has any other ideas?? Thanks guys
  8. I have for a lupo/polo/3 door golf a lock set. Includes 1 key and the 2 door locks and the boot. Wanting £60
  9. Hi Guys! I'm a newbie to this site and wondered if you could help me with a serious issue i have with my lupo! The boot lock seems to be stuck open, either through a faulty barrel or corrosion! Any ideas how to get rid of the corrosion?? to save me having to get a new barrel or if worst comes to worst a new handle and lock. I couldn't get the key into the lock before but with a lot of WD40 i have got the key in, now it just won't turn!
  10. To0m123


    lupo 1.4s need both door locks with a key? both barrels are mashed on my my car likes to keep opening the windows and not locking so need asap. post on here or pm me.
  11. Hi, I was wondering if any one could help me. I really need a set of door locks (passenger, door and boot) I am not bothered about the ignition as well. I would need it with a key! Hope someone can help. Thanks
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