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  1. Sorry sold within 24 hours of being on autotrader
  2. All bought for my 1.0 lupo. Obviously there are 4 spark plugs!
  3. Sorry, not had chance to do it yet. I will look at all of it this evening and add photos! Thanks
  4. I will write all this up when I am back this evening! Thanks
  5. Hey, All of the following are new; Spark Plugs Fuel Filter Air Filter Oil Filter Wanting £30 inc postage.
  6. Will post a picture later on!
  7. I have for a lupo/polo/3 door golf a lock set. Includes 1 key and the 2 door locks and the boot. Wanting £60
  8. What size are the speakers? Will they fit into a vw golf rear?
  9. No money has been spared on this car. It is a great example with a low mileage its year. Some minor scratches on paintwork and water marks on seats - nothing out of the ordinary for a ten year old car. Drop in to the low slung 'bucket' seat. Feel the damp patch stain your trousers. Grimace. Put the key in the ignition. Deep breath. Another deep breath. It's the witching hour. Close your eyes and turn the key. Feel and hear the 1.0 rumble into life. Barely contained fury. Blip the throttle and hear it purr - it would be menacing if you weren't so brave. Lift the clutch up gently, feel 50bhp destroy the tarmac as you get from 0-30 in a week. The Firestone company rub their hands in glee at your newly shredded black circles. You slow down. Try again - put your best Eurythmics tape in the deck (it's auto reverse) and your H+M aviators on your twitching nose. Repeat procedure. Take two. This is a car for a certain kind of gentleman - only the brave need apply.
  10. No thanks I would like you to buy my car though!
  11. responded to your offer in a private message.
  12. Sorry, Took too long. Bought another one!
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