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Found 9 results

  1. Help I have a Y reg seat arosa that currently has central locking... when I first bought the car the boot locked at the same time as I locked the doors via the central locking. Ive used my boot today and now when I lock my car the boot doesn't lock? I have to put the actual key into the boot to physical lock and unlock it. When I do this it then no longer unlocks.... ive checked my owners manual and doesn't say anything about it. can anyone help? Many thanks arosashan
  2. Hi guys. I am a newbie and have a 1999 Lupo 1.4S (green!). Unfortunately experiencing a couple of problems: 1. The central door locking mechanism starts clicking on and off while driving along. The door lock knobs don't move but you can hear the mechanism clicking away like mad; and 2. When unlocking the car both electric windows roll down. Once inside the car they can be put back up with the switches as per normal. Any thoughts much appreciated Cheers Andrew
  3. Guys, my car won't lock from the key or from the inside switch, just unlocks. Also, as my door switch is broken, i can't lock the car with the key, just the passenger door. What would be the issue? If you read my thread you might saw that i had check engine light lit up, after i removed and fitted the steering wheel back, but i don't think it was linked. I'm thinking battery? The car stood like 4 days with the earth removed and i already have a low battery, could this be the issue?
  4. Hi. I can't get the boot of my 2001 Arosa S open. The central locking won't unlock it it although it does make straining motor noises for a second or two when the car is locked or unlocked. Similarly, I can't get the key to rotate properly in the lock, and any rotation that does happen doesn't seen to do anything. I've not been able to use the key in the boot since I've owned the car though, so that's not new. The actual boot handle it self doesn't have much resistance to movement, it moves smoothly and springs closed when I let go, but it doesn't actually feel as though it's connected to anything mechanically. I can't remember what it felt like before, it might have always been like that. I've read that some of the VAG boot locking mechanisms are prone to jamming and need cleaning and lubricating periodically, but to do this I presumably need to get the bugger open. Anyone got any ideas? Would it be worthwhile to pull the interior plastic panel off of the boot from the inside of the car? Ta EDIT: got the interior trim off and had a poke about, the problem did indeed seem to be that parts of the mechanism were sticking enough to prevent them from springing back to where they should be. Also the white electronic actuator seems to be completely dead now, so until I manage to track down a replacement I've unhooked it from the manual locking mechanism.
  5. ok, so ive been have problems with my remote key for a while now. at first my central locking wasn't working, i did all the recommended things, new battery, new fuse and trying to re-program it still couldn't get it to work. now when I try and start the car with that key it wont start, it will tick over and occasionally start but only rev once and then die again. the spare key works absolutely fine, starts the car first time. can someone tell me whats up with it, I don't particularly want to fork out for a whole new key if possible. thanks!
  6. Hey all - this is my first post after purchasing a rather tired 2000 1.7 S SDI with 155k on the clock. It's got it's share of problems that I'm working through, one of which is the central locking. It's as if it doesn't have it at all! I can lock both doors and the boot with the key but none of these operate the central locking. The V5 definitely states it's an S so it should have central locking. The previous owner also stated that the central locking didn't work so it's assumed to be there. The odd this is that VCDS-Lite cannot find the controller on channel 35 so I can't see what it's playing at. Not sure if it helps/is related, but there is a red LED by the drivers door pin, but this doesn't come on when the doors are locked. Not sure if it's existence means the car should have central locking? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Cheers Tim
  7. Hey guys! So im having a little trouble with my central locking on my 2001 Arosa s, i have had a new battery fitted to the key but it still doesn't want to work! The red light flashes when i press the buttons (so i know the key has power) i have both keys if that helps? if anyone can help that would be amazing! i miss my central locking! thanks, Joel.
  8. Just bought a mk2 arosa 1.0s "03" of a mate and it has remote locking key fob OEM; the fob LED lights up when you click either buttons but the car doesn't lock or unlock. Has anyone got any suggestions, much appreciated. Rob
  9. Hi, I was wondering if any one could help me. I really need a set of door locks (passenger, door and boot) I am not bothered about the ignition as well. I would need it with a key! Hope someone can help. Thanks
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