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  1. You were absolutely bang on - no fuse. And I can see why! A so far random combination of some doors locking, all doors locking windows going up and down Need to spend some more time on it to see if I can identify a pattern...
  2. Cheers Skezza - I never thought of checking the fuse. Idiot I'll let you know how I fare!
  3. Hey all - this is my first post after purchasing a rather tired 2000 1.7 S SDI with 155k on the clock. It's got it's share of problems that I'm working through, one of which is the central locking. It's as if it doesn't have it at all! I can lock both doors and the boot with the key but none of these operate the central locking. The V5 definitely states it's an S so it should have central locking. The previous owner also stated that the central locking didn't work so it's assumed to be there. The odd this is that VCDS-Lite cannot find the controller on channel 35 so I can't see what it's playing at. Not sure if it helps/is related, but there is a red LED by the drivers door pin, but this doesn't come on when the doors are locked. Not sure if it's existence means the car should have central locking? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Cheers Tim
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