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Found 8 results

  1. Cambridge Lights: Great condition, very little marks £56.99 ONO (sensible offers, worst I can do is say no!) Postage can be done for free. Paypal preferred, alternatively cash on collection- near Swindon. ADVERTISED ELSWHERE SO MAY SELL QUICK. Only selling as I’m selling my Lupo 1.4s soon which is almost reverted back to standard. Any questions about the lights or my upcoming sale of my Lupo with a 12 Month MOT, please feel free to ask
  2. Hi Guys! I have small problem with my Lupo Cambridge rear lights. As you can see I have two different lamps... Could you tell me what OEM number has lighter and darker one? Unfortunately I do not have any sticker with VW part number :/ I'm looking for one piece to get perfect a*s Of course I would like to know OEM number of this darker... Cambridge lamps are hard to get in Poland :/ Thanks a lot!
  3. Hello, im Gary, im 21 from Newcastle. I've been a member on here for a while now but never really posted much. Little bit of car history, I started off with a 1.4 Lupo E which I loved! I had that about a year or so before I fancied getting something a little old school, so I picked up a 89' polo saloon, paid £400 and it only had 40000 miles on. Sadly, one night after I parked it up, a friend of mine crashed into it while he was dicking around and wrote it off! So after a few month of being off the road, I got the money from the insurance and picked up an Arosa, 1litre which stayed standard. I then lost my job and had to sell up. Once I got another job I had an urge for another mk2 polo, again a saloon which I got cheap off ebay. Had less miles than my previous one with only 30000! Again that stayed standard and I eventually got bored and decided to sell up. I went around 6 month without a car and it was awful, eventually got sick and decided I wanted another Lupo or Arosa. I found this for sale just around the corner from my house, 02 Silver 1litre with only 28000 and FSH! Was advertised for 1295 and I got it for 1175 which I was happy with. I've had insured about a week now and it drives like a new car, the body work is a bit rough, scrapes on both bumpers, both sides and rust around the petrol cap, hopefully all of which will be sorted pretty soon! I have a few plans for it, first of which is to sort the interior, it has the all light grey interior which I hate! So I have bought a Gti interior including red seat belts. Im going to wait until I find all the dark grey plastics and carpet before fitting them, but here they are, havn't got around to cleaning the fronts yet. I bought some alloys to go on the polo but never got around to getting them refurbed or fitted! So they will more than likely be refurbed and will end up on this I also picked up some brand new Cambridge rears from the dealers! They will probably go in once the paintwork is sorted! And finally, the one thing no Lupo or Arosa should be without That's what I have purchased so far, future plans are: - Get bodywork sorted - Fit all of the above - Pressed plates - Wind deflectors - Rear pop-out windows - Front fogs - Some sort of ICE (sub/amp/rear speakers) - Stubby mirrors - VW Starlite alloys Think thats about it I think! As I say I will keep updating as and when things happen, hopefully wont be too long before I get it looking how I want it! Comments/feedback appreciated! Bye for now! Gary
  4. In need of some Cambridge rear lights, preferably secondhand.
  5. Hello people , quick question. Bought Cambridge lights and need to know how to remove the orange lenses (de-tango) them. Thanks in advance
  6. Just picked up my new car which had previously had Cambridge edition rear lights, these were switched back to standard Arosa Mk2 lights for the sale, all the fuses were blown so i replaced them and they blew all over again. Different wiring. While rectifying the problem i found a load of spliced wires and it occurred to me that not many people know how to correctly swap connections in terminals so i decided to write up this little how to. Here goes: This is the spliced loom how i got it (bar pin 6 which i fixed before thinking about making a how to). If this mod was done the 'correct' way, it would be a lot quicker to revert and a lot neater. Step 1: Insert a small screwdriver or something similar to pry each end of the retainer. This block is for the rear lights, the retainer on the connector block for the radio will be a slider that pulls out the center of the block. NOTE: MOST BLOCKS CONTAIN RETAINERS. INSPECT THE BLOCK THOROUGHLY BEFORE ATTEMPTING ANY EXTRACTION. This will be what it looks like open: Step 2: Insert something into the connector block from the front on either side of the pin to compress the tabs, you should feel/hear a small click or pop, this indicates the pin should be free. For this i used a staple from an electric stapler/nail gun. Not the greatest picture but you can just see on pin 5 (red and black) the staple pushing down on the tabs. Step 3: Extract the pins and swap around. Its that easy. A picture of the loom tidied up - all wires heat shrank up, then bound with insulating tape for water proofing and bound again with loom tape for strength.
  7. Hello to all! My name's Hanna, and I've recently bought a 1.4 16V Fresco Green Lupo - 52 plate, with 32k on the clock. It's my second car, and considering I used to own a snail (Ford Ka) before this, I'm finding it pretty nippy! So here it is. It's completely standard at the moment, but hopefully not for long as I now have these. I'm hoping to get these sprayed in red, bumpers smoothed and the car resprayed. Open to tips and advice
  8. Just wondering if anyone has any tips to taking the orange strip out of the cambridge lights? any help / pics would be useful!! cheers
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