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  1. It's annoying i have to solve this problem ;P
  2. Lamp is dry inside. I had one set which was leaking and had the same color. Only one lamp then had a fault
  3. I have these orange filters in both lamps... There is difference in plastic... One is lighter and one is darker ;/ I also saw 2 different types of lamps in my city on two different cars Please see attached pics.
  4. Hi Guys! I have small problem with my Lupo Cambridge rear lights. As you can see I have two different lamps... Could you tell me what OEM number has lighter and darker one? Unfortunately I do not have any sticker with VW part number :/ I'm looking for one piece to get perfect a*s Of course I would like to know OEM number of this darker... Cambridge lamps are hard to get in Poland :/ Thanks a lot!
  5. Goofy1202

    OEM roof bars

    Hi! I'm looking for OEM Lupo roof bars. Have you got any? I will cover all costs by DHL Express Worldwide
  6. What is the size of rear Sharan emblem which you installed in your UPO?
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