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Found 17 results

  1. Hi, my odometer display on the dashboard is broken and has been since I bought the car 3 years ago. As this was my first car I didn't care too much but now am looking closer to selling it and I have no idea what my mileage is. Does anyone know how to fix it or is there any other way to fix it? The local garage is charging £80 just to have a look and not promising if they can fix it. Thanks for any help
  2. The passengers side door handle has broken at the top lug which fits in a hole in the door panel. It IS an MOT fail, and you have to replace the entire door panel (because the handle is not available separately from VW ) at a cost of £73.00!!!!! Does anyone have a clever fix for this?
  3. Went to drive to college earlier today and once I got In the car I tried to close the door and the door flung back open and won’t close it seems it’s not latching on for some reason and there is a rattle on the inside of my door when I try and close it and was wondering if this is common and if there is a fix for it. the door locks but I have to hold it closed and lock the door can anyone help ???
  4. Hi I have a 2002 Lupo 1.4 SE and I decided to take the dash apart as the handbrake warning light was very dim, once i took it apart and saw nothing wrong i then put it back together making sure not to move the needles on the dashboard. once I had put the whole dash back together i plugged the two clips back in and the speedo dropped below 0MPH and is currently pointing at near the mileage and trip, however the rev counter was working so i thought maybe after a 15 minute drive it would sort it out, however this was not the case. the speedo does move its just not giving the correct reading and now the rev counter is stuck at 5000 RPM when the engine is not revving that high. I've tried taking it apart and checking that the plugs are clean and clipping in correctly and it all seems to be fine but the dials are still incorrect. I'd like to note that everything else on the dash seems to be working fine apart from the still dimly lit handbrake warning light. Any help or advice would be appreciated as the MOT is booked for Tuesday (22.Nov) Thanks
  5. Hello, I have a 2003 VW LUPO and just fitted a subwoofer to it. Fitted the sub perfectly without a problem, went to turn the ignition and there is no electrical power to the car whatsoever. I have measured the Voltage on the battery and it is 12.5v which is almost perfect. Also checked the earth point which the sub was wired to. Completely disconnected all power to the sub and still have nothing. Gone through and checked all fuses (ones on top of the battery and below steering wheel). And yes I have connected everything to the battery. Feel completely lost with this. Might anybody has any ideas at all please don't hesitate to contact me. Feel free to text as well 07713119095
  6. Hi my door stay is broken I've had to remove the bolt that holds it onto the cars body. The part that is attached to the car looks as if some form of welding had snapped. Will this cause MOT fail or not. Thanks
  7. Hi all! this is my first post on here! and needing advice already! Just recently brought myself this! absolutely love it, BUT not actually driven it yet as brought it as spares or repairs and yet to fix it! it was heavily burning oil and knocking, the opinion is now that the engine isn't worth fixing, and the most viable thing to do would be to replace the engine, problem is its a sport, with the 1.4 16v AFK 100bhp engine, and its proven an absolute nightmare to source a replacement. Ive been reading the forums and it looks like i can buy the 1.4 16v 75bhp engine and change some parts over (inlet mani, exhaust mani, throttle body, cam's & the ECU) and it should work, I can get the engine no worries, but want i need to know before buying it is that this is definitely the case and this is all i need to change on the engine? can anyone confirm this? is there anything else i need to know about the change? Really want to get the car on the road now Thanks in advance Joe https://www.gumtree.com/p/volkswagen/vw-lupo-1.4-sport-/1108215031
  8. The interior light in my 02 arosa doesn't work, I've replaced the bulb multiple times with no change. I was wondering if anyone has a solution to this problem as I've no idea what it is or how to fix it. Thanks, Adam
  9. katie129


    Can someone please tell me what this pipe is called it's cracked. Seat arosa diesel
  10. Hi Guys, Having a intermittent fault with my side lamps, the left hand side (front and rear) occasionaly do not come on however, always work with the parking lights?? Could this be a dodgy switch? massive pain in the but and got the MOT coming up in august so want to fix it in plently of time before the MOT! Cheers, rob.
  11. Hello all, new to the forums as I have just bought a lupo. After going on a test drive which was fine I took the lupo home, on the drive back i started to struggle finding the gears along with some grinding. At home I had a little look but not sure what im looking for? The gears will change but I have to put the clutch all the in with extra force for it to change smoothly. I have spoke to the dealer and they have agreed to take it back and have a look tomorrow. I did some research and apparently this is a common problem with lupo's? Has anyone got any guidance/experience that could point me in the right direction? Thanks
  12. Hi, So basically my speedo and my rev counter both don't work. Sometime the petrol gauge doesn't work and the temperature gauge also does not work. Its the whole dash really I guess. no idea what it could be really... any help would be appreciated.
  13. Hi all, This morning I did a diagnostics check on my car to find some fault codes. It came back with 11 faults :S little bit worrying! some sound serious! These are from the book supplied with the scanner. If someone could help me translate these. The numbers with no explanation don't appear to be in the book! Codes- 17852 - Cylinder #8 fuel injector circuit - open circuit 17510 - o2 sensor circuit heating circuit (B1 - 51) Short to B+ 16500 - Engine coolant temperature circuit - range/performance problem. 18010 - Power supply (B+) Terminal 30 - low voltage 16955, 16946, 17526, 16585, 16587, 16588, 16586 If anyone could help or has had similar issues I would be really grateful! Thanks, Aaron
  14. Hi, I'm new to the forum and after searching through I can't seem to find any similar questions. Any help with the following would be great! - It is hard to start the car when cold, it can take a little while and just cuts off. It takes a several attempts before I can actually start it. I was thinking perhaps spark plugs? - My speedo and rev counter only work sometimes and when they do they start at the wrong place so if I get in the car and the speedo is at 40mph then its like the 0mph, when it says 70mph I'm doing 20mph etc... I have heard something about a grounding issue but I have no idea where the ground is for the dials!? Any help I would be really grateful, Cheers, Aaron
  15. Hi, just seeing if anyone has a Vagcom I could use in surrey area. Need to switch off the airbag light and get some fault codes to fix my dash! Any help will be appreciated! Im near Thorpe Park theme park. Thanks, Aaron
  16. Mornin all, I'm after a GTI headlight washer jet (not the cover disc) the part that pops out of the bumper. I took my front bumper off yesterday and broke the mounting lug for the cover off
  17. I'm trying to order a new motor and regulator for the car, but have no idea what type I need to buy. Been down the local parts store and garage, but noone knows which type to order. I can see on that has two pins to the motor and the other says multipin.... please help me Chris
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