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  1. Anyone know the recommended battery specification for my lupo SDI? Seen threads on GTI and other petrol models, but I know diesel usually need different spec batteries. My battery is totally dead now, to the point where I can jump it to start but car just turns off after about 10 seconds. Thanks
  2. Lupo has struggled to start for some time and recent battery charge did not start her. Typically car has done short journeys and been spluttering into life on starts. Car Was left two weeks then died. No amount of battery charging is solving it. Could the battery be completely flat? Fueling issue? Cambelt is fine and sparks were changed when informed that Bosch are rubbish for the 1.4 16v.
  3. Hi, The battery light keeps flashing on the dashboard of my 1.0l SEAT Arosa and then the battery runs dead after a few days, sometimes less than a few days if driving just in the day with no lights on. I am unsure on why it is doing it, as I have changed the alternator and bought a new battery. I have had a mechanic and an auto electrician look at it and they are clueless. Any ideas? Thank you!
  4. So I've done quite a bit of driving today, and I just noticed my battery light is illuminated, even when the car is running. I've looked around and found that with the polos, it means there's a battery malfunction and that it's got about 500 miles before it stops working. Anyone ever had this problem, and if so, how is it fixed ? Thanks in advance. Myles.
  5. hi I have just started to sort my car out and I put a brand new battery in today, And I came back to it later on today and the batter has gone completely flat? Dose any one else have this problem?
  6. Right. So my GTI is draining its battery. The battery is fine (Holds charge and copes well with a discharge test). I also bought a brand new battery over spec'd for the car and that also keeps dying. I've done the usual checks, all earths and positive cables are fine, I've removed the fuses one by one to observe a change in drain (Albeit did change - but it stayed at about 2.88A) all to no avail. Then i removed all fuses (Including engine fuses) and it read 2.88A. The weird thing is, if i leave the car disconnected (Say over night) and check the drain in the morning, it's normal (between 0.1-0.2A). If i leave the car connected to the battery the drain increases - so after a full day and night of being attached its reading anything upward of 2.8A - the highest being 3.2A!!!! I read on here that the CCM can sometimes be an issue, but my thinking is that if I've removed all of the fuses, nothing should be live? (With the exception of the starter motor as that's got a permanent live from the battery). Does anyone have any other avenues I should look at? As it's pretty tiresome having it go dead constantly. If i have no luck then i'll book it into VW so they can take a look at it. Thanks in advance, Matt
  7. For a 1.4 16v with 75hp? I'm thinking that the one existing has been replaced a while ago, but the specs on it say 55Ah - nowhere I searched under my engine, this type of battery isn't recommended. Help?
  8. This morning the Lupo would not start. All the dash lights would light and go out apart from the battery one. Turn the key and the engine would turn a couple of times but not start and the car would stop trying to start after a couple of seconds. You could then hear a clicking behind the instrument cluster. I put my headunit face on to check the battery voltage and it was 11.4V but it had reset to setup mode and the trip mileage was at 0 too. For the past few weeks the fuel pump has not been making its liquid noise below the rear seat so the car was taking an extra second to start. I have not tried to bump start the car as I did not have time before work. I have also read about ignition switch problems but hopefully if the car engine was initially turning then it cannot be this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am thinking, battery, alternator or fuel pump finally causing a bigger issue.
  9. Hi guys, The other night my 1999 lupo 1.4 sport battery died so today I gave it a full charge, checked all electrics, lights etc however the sunroof seemed to be dead when I turned the dial to open it. Maybe this could be a blown fuse or something I'm not to sure and need a few pointers Cheers guys, Piers
  10. Hi I was driving my 1.4 lupo to work the other day and I noticed the battery light flash on and off a few times it didn't do it again until the next day but when it did the car was fine until I was driving home from work. The battery light flashed for a long time and when I slowed down/stopped the car at traffic lights the intieror lights would flash on and of sometimes my car would almost reset its self, I was then stuck in traffic because of snow when I was on the last road home it was severely icy so I stopped and turned the ignition off, I turned my ignition on again and nothing my car was completely dead, I then got a jump start to get home and then my engine light came on it was confusing as it was only m.o.t'd a month ago now my car wont start at all and starts to make strange noises whenever I have tried to start it again all lights come on, if I put.my key in and turn the lights on the front lights are dim but then interior is fine, if I then turn the ignition on the interior lights turn off, I haven't got a clue what has happened to the car.
  11. My battery was replaced in February this year when I got it serviced, so it shouldn't be that. Whenever it rains or if it is humid and misty my engine seems to lose power, it will start but then randomly jerk and jitter under low and high speeds/revs. When I try to correct it by pushing on the accelerator to increase the revs the rev meter will continue to drop and then suddenly increase giving lots of revs for half a second then decrease again making it jittery and hard to drive. ONLY experienced it in bad/wet weather conditions. The battery warning light flickers wildly when the power is decreasing and when the revs shoot back up again it goes off. Any advice is much appreciated.
  12. Hi, Today i noticed my Battery light on my dash didnt go out after i had started it, also after some time the ABS light came on as well, i turn the headlights off (as it stopped raining) and both lights went out. A short time after the battery light came on and continued to flash on and off for the rest of the drive back home. I also noticed that the car continued to idle over 1100 rpm even after it was warm.. which i though was unsual. Its a 2005 Lupo GTi, any ideas if this indicates issues? Thank Guys
  13. Ma pal has a lupo 1.4s It was working fine, the under dash has been taken off to route a usb cable from the stereo. It was coming out the front before and working fine. Mid way though this process there was a flash from the interior light when he was removing the battery, ignition off. We've put the car back together and there is no power, to anything, voltage accross the battery is normal, fueses in the box are all working, apart from the cigarette lighter and radio but these have been gone for ages. The fuses on the battery are all okay as well so I'm completely lost. When you turn the key there is no noise of the fuel pump, the car wont lock or unlock and no interior lights, absolutely nothing. I've run out of my lupo knowledge so am after a little help, any suggestions would be great. TIA
  14. I have an after market microscan alarm system fitted. But that has been on it since I have bought the car and the battery has been fine for nearly two years now. So I don't think it is that causing the problem. I connected a multimeter in series and when I lock the car the initial draw is around 0.24A after around 15 seconds it drops to about 0.09A. Is this a normal draw or is something not right?
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