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  1. Hello all, Im currently in the process of carrying out a service on the automatic gearbox on my Arosa and have a a few questions. 1. What is the ATF capacity? I have drained the pand and removed the oil pan and filter and just of 3L has come out but my workshop manual says there should be 5.7L. Is there more fluid it there i haven't been able to drain? Was it underfilled? How much should i put back in? I would just put the same amount in that i got out but the gearbox wasnt functioning properly so i want to make sure everything is perfect. 2. I have read on here that you also need to change the Final drive oil. How do you do this? Ive looked online and cant find any information and my workshop manual doesnt seem to mention it. Does this use a different type of oil? How much oil does it use? Any help would be very much appreciated
  2. Gentlemen, do you know any exhaust tips for Seat Aros? E.g. bolted to the muffler or other
  3. Post one picture of your Arosa, as in the Lupo section. No comments, please pm "owner" if you need. See if this works.
  4. Hi, I have a seat arosa 1.0 and some time ago I cleaned the throttle body. Later when I started the engine idle sets on 2000 rpm and starts to oscillate to 2500. I tried to calibrate the throttler with a vag control and check if something was wrong with the throttle itself, but the problem is still there. I don't find any leak on collector system and the only error code vag gives me is the idle control works wrong. Furthermore, I tried anything and I don't know what more to do. Also, I changed the sparks plugs and the cables and still the same. The last thing I'm thinking is change the whole throttle body, but is an expensive repair for a 99's car. I don't know if there is a correlation, but another problem is the fuel consumption is so high for a 1.0 it consumes 7 liters for 100 km with a passive driving. I'm not used to write in this language, so sorry for my confusing writing.
  5. I am selling my Seat Arosa which has been well looked after and maintained with FSH (full service history), full V5C logbook, 1 year's new MOT and 2 Keys. The car has 3 previous owners (including me). Low mileage of only 58,000 milesReason for selling is Upgrade.Car is solid with no rust. Has a reliable Volkswagen 1.4 litre MPI engine (same as the VW polo). Excellent condition with Alloy Wheels.Very similar to the VW Lupo.Please send me a message for my phone number to discuss further.You are welcome to view the car, test drive Asking 2500 link to ad: Seat, AROSA, 3dr Hatchback, 2005, Petrol 1.4L, Auto | in Hodge Hill, West Midlands | Gumtree
  6. I am selling my Seat Arosa which has been well looked after and maintained with FSH (full service history), full V5C logbook, 1 year's new MOT and 2 Keys. The car has 3 previous owners (including me). Low mileage of only 58,000 milesReason for selling is Upgrade.Car is solid with no rust. Has a reliable Volkswagen 1.4 litre MPI engine (same as the VW polo). Excellent condition with Alloy Wheels.Very similar to the VW Lupo.Please send me a message for my phone number to discuss further.You are welcome to view the car, test drive Asking 2500 link to ad: Seat, AROSA, 3dr Hatchback, 2005, Petrol 1.4L, Auto | in Hodge Hill, West Midlands | Gumtree
  7. hello to forum. i have one Arosa 1000cc, the model is 2000. i bought it recently from a person that inform me that this car was stopped for 3-4 years in a garage with 108000km. The problem is the fuel consumption. i just touch the pedal without persons inside without going more than 60km/h and i have 7.5 litters per 100km or 9 litters if i am going normal. is it good idea to put lpg in this car? i know i will have a small tank like 26 litters or 31 litters like one person told me but is it a good idea? Do i have to wait for problems after? Thank you
  8. Hi all, This is my first post on this forum so I hope I'm doing it right! I am switching my '52 plate Arosa to a cone filter. I understand that I will be removing the air filters from the box. I have also purchased a small filter: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Air-Filter-Oil-Breather-Cold-Small-Mushroom-Intake-Crankcase-Turbo-Car-Vent/163689109250?hash=item261ca19702:g:1XgAAOSwUYpc2nHv to go on a breather pipe. My concern is that there are multiple pipes going into the box so what do I need to do with each of them? Which pipe is the oil breather requiring the smaller filter? Thank you in advance. PS. I know that this will not benefit the car's power output. I only want it louder Also it's my first car so still a bit of a noob!
  9. Hello. What is the way to unscrew the whip of the roof antenna? I unscrew up to a point and later does not want to leave ..
  10. Hi, i am very new to this community very soon to be 17, I 100% am getting an Arosa ideally the 1.4 tdi but I can only find one and it is very expensive, if anyone could help find one or just give me some tips. i'm also looking to put a new exhaust on it however im very uneducated and don't know what i could get that's not that expensive ( please link) one last thing will Lupo roof spoilers fit an Arosa as i'm also looking at getting a roof lip but cant find much thanks for your time.
  11. Hey. Today I installed a new radiator fan. I have a question. The fan switches on when: 1. I turn on the air conditioning 2. The engine temperature is high. And does the fan just have one speed in these two situations? Does it have two speeds? Because I have only one fan speed.
  12. Hi. Do any of you have 40/40 or 60/40 lowering springs? Can they be fitted on standard shock absorbers? Someone will show how Arosa looks on such a set?
  13. So I was looking in my service manual, and under the sticker at the front with all the cars vin number and details on, there is another sticker. It’s just one code that begins with IR and has 6 numbers after it. Anyone know what this code is or what it relates to?
  14. Hi, I have a problem. I checked the oil level yesterday and it was at a minimum. I added the oil I measured a little arrived on the dipstick. Today, the car is on a level road, the engine is cold, the level is a bit more. I poured oil again. I check the level in an hour and he is in the same place. Strange.. There are no leaks under the car, no exhaust fumes ... What is going on?
  15. Hello. Can anyone tell me how to replace the parking light bulb in the front of the Seat Arosa lift. I tried, but I can't get it out. And another question. To remove the front lamps I have to disassemble the bumper?
  16. Hello. In December I installed a complete Sachs clutch. Because everything is beautiful, the clutch pedal went softly. Unfortunately, recently as the engine heats up when you press the clutch you can hear creaking. This is quite annoying. Is the clutch damaged? The wife also drives the car and maybe sometimes she burned the clutch ... Is the clutch cable to be replaced, for example? Or maybe somewhere you can lubricate it? Please forgive for my English :)
  17. I'm having a problem with my indictors, they won't work! my hazards work fine. i have searched the forum but no answer as to why. a new hazard switch/relay and a new stalk came this morning, changed them both and still no such luck! anyone have a solution?
  18. Bit of an odd one here.. AUC 54’ plate 1.0 MPI Arosa 124,xxx miles Its recently become really hesitant when setting off or putting your foot down. It’ll hesitate for a few seconds then pick up. Sometimes it’ll also just rev itself between 500-1000RPM. It also shakes sometimes at about 500rpms From what I’ve read on here most people say it’s either the HT LEADS, COIL PACK, or SPARK PLUGS. Plugs were done about 20k ago and gapped correctly. I am planning to change these soon and see if it changes anything. My main concern though is that there isn’t an EML on the dash when the car does this?? Does this mean it’s not likely to be missfiring and it’s not those parts causing the issue Anyone able to help? thanks
  19. £995 Make: SEAT Model: Arosa 1.4 TDI s MOT: May 2020 TAX: £30 per year Engine size: 1.4 Turbo Fuel type: Diesel Mileage: 72,639 (Will increase slightly as still in use) Location: Benfleet, Essex Description including modifications: Seat Arosa 1.4 TDI S Perfect first car or daily driver, cheap to run, cheap to insure. Small hatchback that has never missed a beat. Genuine low miles (I haven't found a cheaper 1.4 TDI with less mileage) £30 tax per year MOT until May 2020 returns 60+ MPG Optimistic tow bar Original Seat alloys included with purchase (currently has JDM Wedssport RS5) Included BNIB front and rear brakes Bad Bits Hasn't had Cam belt changed in my ownership 55K-72K (Runs fine but just to be on the safe side) 2 small stone chips on the windscreen (not an MOT failure as not in view of driver) Zapper on keys doesn't work (Hasn't bothered me putting the key in the door) Drivers electric window works but has a sequence of going down before going up Images: As attached Price: £995 Contact: kmunson1993@gmail.com
  20. I've bought a new relay to replace in my arosa 1.0. when going to change relay 109, I can't seem to find it where the other relays are. Am I suppose to replace the 109 relay with another relay? Or am I looking in the wrong place? Any suggestions appreciated
  21. Hi all, I’ve recently purchase some lowering springs for a Lupo for my Seat Arosa. Two of the springs are quite large and two of them are much thinner with tighter coils. Would someone be able to tell me which ones go on the front and which way up they should go? I am under the understanding that the larger ones go at the front? It just seems to me like the small ones are much too small. I’ve attached a picture.
  22. Hi all I am thinking us buying a Lupo or Arosa sport. However I thought I would come to the forum to seek advice when looking to but one. So I want to know what to look out for when looking to buy one what the differences are between Lupo sport and Arosa sport and what is to be avoided. Any help would be much appreciated.
  23. So I have decided in the interest of the people that we need to dedicate a thread to @mattarosa. This is that thread. I shall start from today, as previous adventures will require memory recollection, and I’ve had a few gins so that can wait. I have take mattarosa’s virginity. Yes. You read this correctly. I have total control of it. That is, his IKEA virginity. Today, mattarosa drove @danno (who is a p***k) and myself to the metro centre, which is also somewhere he has never been, and we went into ikea. I am pretty sure that this is the best thing to happen to my little Matt since lupo cufflinks. Anywho, he had meatballs, mash and gravy. And I believe in my heart he was satisfied. And oh I also took his Parmo virginity. It’s been a double cherry popping time :) Mattarosa likes to drive 3 and a half hours from his little domain in Leek to the grand county of Durham to visit me! He brings me oatcakes in exchange for a swig of gin, hot food and a bed. No Rich, we do not have strange relations. Yes Pete you’re always welcome. No Martin I haven’t got a cat. Thank you for the amazing times... . Look out for more wild adventures of mattarosa coming soon :) Good evening.
  24. Very reluctant sale of my Arosa Sport due to a baby on the way. Good unmodified and low mileage example, posted here first in the hope of finding a new owner who will appreciate it. Make: Seat Model: Arosa Sport MOT: December (No advisories on last MOT) Engine size: 1.4 Fuel type: Petrol Mileage: 31,100 Registered: December 2004 Description including modifications: No modifications Good points: Very low mileage, excellent condition for it's age, interior very smart, owned for 8 years with no problems (Front disks and pads replaced 2013, EGR value replaced 2017) Less good points: Passenger side window does not open (common Arosa/Lupo fault), cracked driver side wing-mirror casing, large scratch and small dent on passenger side, due a service (major service June 2017), alloys scratched but in reasonable condition considering the age. Location: West Midlands (between Coventry and Solihull) Price: £1,250 ONO
  25. as title, after a drivers side osf wing for the arosa. in canica blue, big ask but im sure there is one out there. thanks
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