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  1. i have not do anything yet. i think my water temperature gauge works well.
  2. Thank you for your answers. i will try to do it the next days/week. About the Emissions i will go to ask for a quick check in the place we visit every couple of years (to see if the car is good enough to stay on the roads, i do not know the name in English) can i ask for some other quick check there if they do it for free? i have already some new expensive sparks . i live in Greece/Crete.
  3. what are the "compression and emission test" ? shall i ask my engineer to do it? i have the "EPC" many times on my dashboard but in the garage told me that is something simple in the brake system.
  4. you mean that my car consumes so much fuel because of a problem? a temperature sensor?
  5. hello thank you for your answers. i want to ask because i did not understand well ..
  6. hello to forum. i have one Arosa 1000cc, the model is 2000. i bought it recently from a person that inform me that this car was stopped for 3-4 years in a garage with 108000km. The problem is the fuel consumption. i just touch the pedal without persons inside without going more than 60km/h and i have 7.5 litters per 100km or 9 litters if i am going normal. is it good idea to put lpg in this car? i know i will have a small tank like 26 litters or 31 litters like one person told me but is it a good idea? Do i have to wait for problems after? Thank you
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