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  1. Hello this is a bit random but looking to try and trace the owner of my old car. I sold it on after 7 years ownership due to having a baby. I seen it kicking about Edinburgh and the Lothians shortly after and it was a state, but saw it this morning in Gilmerton and it looks completely refurbed back to its former glory! Black VW Lupo TDI SK02 UYV would love you Hear your refurb story
  2. Hello I sold you her 18 months ago and I cry each time I pass her, if you still have my contact details please can you message me? Very keep to have a chat as the Audi just isint cutting it! Many thanks Kirsty
  3. Hey guys I'm looking for some help. Jumped in my car one morning and the air bag light magically appeared on. Had it on the VAG machine and 0214 and 024C are the codes. Haven't had any light bumps and it's been parked on the drive. Can anyone shed any light on the cost to fix potential problems? Many thanks :-) Lexi
  4. My lupo TDi.. As seen.. lowered 40mm, 15" alloys..tinted windows, stubby aerial..due in for a remap just after xmas and interior retrim to red leather...(what credit crunch!! lol) Lexi
  5. Lexi

    Re-Spray.. Colour??

    How much will a full respray set you back? Lexi x
  6. Sorry for delayed upload, my car attached its about 87BHP, it hasnt been remapped, just a new add on that iv been asked to tr out before any serious mod's as im still oly a baby and my insurance is high enough!! Lexi
  7. Thank you Tigz, 85BHP. I am looking to sell it in the near future so apologies if i posted it in wrong place (first time iv posted on here i think!) Its a shame that some folk on here are up there on asses, like i stated - i dont know much about cars, no need to take the p*ss. Thanks Lexi
  8. 52 plate, 42K miles 15" Alloys (100+) She is my first car and had her 18months Lowered sightly, front wipers changed to single, all round slight window tint. 105 BHP Stunning looking As you can tell, dont know much technical bumf about her apart front its nippy and drives like a Ferarri! lol Ill post pics tonight, but just wondered what you guys would pay for her and/or what else i could do to her? Lexi x
  9. Hey, iv had mine on for 10months now and im nearly 22. Best decison i ever made! Geek and brace dont go in the same sentence no more! KOOL! Just beware of eating curry and anyhthng with lime in it as your clear bands quickly turn orange/green! Stick in, the pain has just begun!!lol Lexi
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